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SideSlide v. 4.4x - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von hambaba » 06.04.08, 17:42

Name: SideSlide
Version: 2.3.00b
Grösse: 1,9 MiB
Supportforum: -
Lizenz: Freeware
Screenshot: siehe Homepage
Standalone? laut HP ja
Admin-Rechte nötig? ?
Lauffähig ab (Win95, 2000, XP): ab 2000
SideSlide is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids! SideSlide will help you to finally clean desktop clutter and will make your computer friendlier and faster than ever before. Get instant access to everything you have and so much more...

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Beitrag von kaib » 06.04.08, 22:45

Das Programm mag genial sein, leider kann man anhand der Beschreibung hier und auf der Homepage nicht erkennen, was es tut. So viel Informationen, ohne wirklich etwas zu sagen. ](*,)
Kann mich bitte jemand erleuchten?

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Beitrag von Jean » 06.04.08, 23:22

... es gibt auf der Seite eine Animation und mehrere Videos ... reicht das nicht als Erleuchtung?
Eine eierlegende Wollmilchsau-Erweiterung des Desktops

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Beitrag von @thehop » 07.04.08, 1:06

Auch ein englischer Quickstart-Guide ist dort zu finden ...

Infos in deutsch hier ...

Darüber hinaus benötigt es die Microsoft XML Core Services.
Das Paket kann hier bei Microsoft heruntergeladen werden. ... 9827b70604

Über aktuelle Änderungen in der Software gibt der Changelog Auskunft.

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Beitrag von Stevie » 03.08.08, 16:28

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Beitrag von bollino » 22.11.08, 22:52

Hier nochmal, was das Programm so macht ....
Dock and hide SideSlide to any screen edge; browse through your favorite RSS news feeds, keep shortcuts to files, folders and URLs you frequently visit; execute various commands quicker than ever; add multiple notes; multiple, sizable, pictures; schedule reminders; save web snippets and more. Customize it to emphasize the things you use the most and make more information accessible without occupying precious screen space. By using containers you can shrink and fold, downloading ready-made containers from an online library, linking containers to actual folders on disk, detaching containers from the workspace to claim additional space, various ways of launching multiple shortcuts at once, shortcut tags, zooming in and out of shortcuts, news feed reader, keyboard navigation, different skins, different size pictures, picture containers and colored notes; SideSlide is designed to make a great deal of content instantly accessible. SideSlide is portable and you can use it from your USB drive.

Inzwischen ist die BETA 3 raus ....
Change Log:

v3.0.00 BETA3 - August, 18, 2008

SideSlide v3 introduces a huge variety of new features, functionality and fixes, so it's pretty much impossible to list it all here. Below are some of the new things among the hundreds of new features, changes and bug fixes. Be sure to experiment and explore!

* FIX: Program may crash when deleting containers with pictures.
* FIX: Program may crash when refreshing or deleting Folder Containers.
* FIX: Using the mouse wheel when there are no containers crashed the program.
* FIX: Workspace remained invisible when using the Center Workspace command from the tray menu and the Invisible border option was selected.
* FIX: Fold/Unfold all command folded containers with the container toolbar hidden.
* FIX: Resize border when resizing containers could have remained visible under certain scenarios.
* FIX: Some Settings dialog option buttons appeared in black on Windows XP.
* v3.0.00 BETA2 - August, 4, 2008
* NEW: Option 'Undock on click' from the Settings dialog will let you undock the workspace ONLY on mouse click.
* FIX: Reminders didn't work properly on certain system time zones and locale.
* FIX: Container Shortcuts menu appeared even when there were no shortcuts inside the container.
* FIX: The tag button color was not restored when changing container colors and a container tag is selected.
* FIX: The 'Loading...' label was not visible when refreshing detached news feeds by using the right click menu option.
* FIX: Detached containers without tabs undocked after Windows lock/resume and didn't dock back.
* FIX: Detached containers reappeared in the workspace when detaching containers immediately after expanding th

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Re: SideSlide v. 2.3 / 3.0 beta - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 16.12.10, 12:32

Stoppt Bierversuche!

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.00b - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von dreas » 07.02.12, 9:22

Mittlerweile bei v3.5.10 (January, 2, 2011).

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UPDATE: SideSlide v. 3.5.16 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von @thehop » 04.07.13, 19:39

v3.5.16 - July, 04, 2013

New and Changes
- Added two new commands to the Shortcut Right-click menu:
* 'Override Parameters Field' to start the selected shortcut without any specified parameters
(you can specify additional parameters to a shortcut via the Shortcut Properties dialog).
* 'Run as administrator...' (overrides the 'Administrator' setting for selected shortcuts).
- Use a container icon from a relative path (when SideSlide is running from a USB drive): Once you choose
an icon for the container (Right-click a container and select 'Choose Icon...'), you will be given the option
to use a relative path for the file the icon is taken from.
- The option to add RSS containers to the online library has been restored.

- Containers may not be properly restored to their original location on program start.
- A warning is shown when the selected Global Hotkey is already in use when the program starts
(The Settings dialog will be loaded allowing you to select a different key combination).

INFO: ... slide.html
Plaudersophieren: ;o] News: :-|

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.16 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 24.08.13, 23:30

weniger Fehler und
- Added new 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' buttons to RSS containers
- Focus on the container on expand/unfold
- The Keyboard Launcher is no longer shown by default
- Added a new menu item, Refresh Icons,

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.18 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 05.06.14, 0:59

v. 3.5.40 - diversigste Änderungen, u.a.
Speed Launch: An even faster way to launch shortcuts. You can now select up to 9 shortcuts to launch using a single keystroke (1-9). Yeahhh.

Und für die Konzentrations-geforderten Mitbürger:
New option to show a list of all shortcuts selected for Speed Launch (1-9) in case you forget which number launches a certain shortcut.

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.40 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 08.01.15, 1:07

v. 3.5.60
- New Speed Launch dialog: Invoke the workspace with the Global Hotkey and click 1-9 to quickly launch shortcuts.
- Shortcut Comment: A new field under the Shortcut Properties dialog allows you to add comments to various workspace shortcuts
- Portable installation fixes.

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.60 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 10.02.16, 20:27

SideSlide 3.5.65 vom 10.2.16
New and Changes
- Container note last modification time is now indicated when hovering over the container's name or icon (when shrunk) with the mouse.
- Shortcut path is no longer converted into lower-case.
- Clicking shortcuts when sideslide workspace is locked wasn't working properly on windows 10.
- Clicking the tray icon when the workspace is maximized shifted the workspace to the right.
- Crush when dragging shortcuts to the workspace from the Windows 10 start menu.
Stoppt Bierversuche!

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.5.65 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 30.03.16, 1:24

v. 3.6.00
- Recent Shortcuts right-click menu: The new submenu (under New in the main worskapce menu) keeps track of the last shortcuts/commands that you launch and allows you to quickly relaunch them in the future. This feature is useful to quickly reopen previously running programs after you restart your computer.
- The dialog that allows you to choose whether to restore the workspace or not when SideSlide wasn't properly closed (Windows crash, etc) was removed. The workspace will be automatically restored to its most recent state.
- New keyboard shortcut: [F7] to maximize/restore the workspace. You can keep containers, shortcuts, pictures and notes in the maximize state and quickly access them when needed. You can also double-click the title-bar to maxmize the workspace. Use Ctrl+Tab to navigate worskpace wide tags.
- Quickly open all shortcuts that share the same tag via the Keyboard Launcher: Enter "tag:" or "t:" followed by the tag name. For example, add the tag "browsers" to all of the installed web browsers and enter: "t:browsers" to open all of them at once. Remember that you can also right click a shortcut and select "Tag Start", or select the "Tag Start" check-box from the Shortcut Properties dialog.
- Added backup information to the About dialog.
- New Reloader dialog style (Settings dialog [F3] >> Ignore Changes [F4]) with the ability to close the dialog before SideSlide restarts.
- Press [Alt]+[Space] to show the Dock menu (where you can change the position of the workspace, maximize it, etc).
- The message that the Global Hotkey (Win+S by default) could not be registered will no longer appear on new installations.

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.6.0 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 27.11.16, 23:56

v. 3.7.00
- A new simple quick expression calcualtor, a part of the advanced Keyboard Launcher.
- You can use the Global Hotkey to undock the workspace and start using the calculator by pressing the equal (=) sign key.
- Backup: Select the new workspace right-click menu item "Backup" to create a zip file containing SideSlide's settings.

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.7.00 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Gordon » 06.02.17, 17:06

v3.8.00 - February, 6, 2017

New and Changes
New and Improved RSS functionality:

- Toggle highlighting of RSS search terms for each container ('Track Subjects').
- 'Recent Search Terms' is now called 'Subject Tracker' to better describe the functionality.
- Both headline and content are always searched (Descriptions/Headlines checkboxes removed).
- You can now track up to 20 different subjects.
- Add subjects to track from the new 'Add...' menu item. RSS search terms entered in the RSS Search dialog are also be added to the Subject Tracker list.
- The subject you're tracking now appears in front of the headline.
- RSS Settings menu items Article Tooltip, Built-in Viewer and Load on Startup options have been removed from the Settings dialog.
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Re: SideSlide v. 3.8.00 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von jasonliul » 15.09.17, 17:06

v 3.9.00
- New menu option, "Lock Size/Position", added to the Position menu: Selecting this option will lock the workspace position and size and you will not be able to move it via the titlebar or resize it. This is especially useful when undocking the workspace with the finger while working in tablet mode.
- Scroll RSS containers with your finger (on touch enabled devices) or by dragging the mouse pointer over the news feed (besides of using the mouse wheel/scrollbar).
- Added a new "Darker" option when selecting a color for selected shortcuts based on the color of the shortcut's icon (from the Shortcut Mini-toolbar). There are now two options to choose from: Darker and Lighter.
- The menu options: Online Tour, Check for Updates, Backup and About are not located under the new Help sub-menu (Workspace right-click menu).
- Verify Shortcuts (Arrange menu command): Shortcuts with a custom existing icons are now considered to be valid. Select custom icons to shortcuts on removable media and the Verify Shortcuts command will consider these to be valid even when the media is not present.
- Ctrl+C is now used to copy shortcuts to the clipboard and paste them in different containers/workspace (Ctrl+V or via the right click menu).
- Changed the keyboard command for creating new containers from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+T.
- Added shortcut parameters (if available) to the tooltip (when hovering over the shortcut with the mouse).
- The shortcut tooltip now displays the entire path to the file, including the file's name, and no longer shows the shortcut's label.
- The shortcut tooltip now shows more information in each line.
- Added "/backup" command line option to backup SideSlide settings into a zip file (located in SideSlide's settings folder). Use this command to automate SideSlide backup from within a scheduled task or a 3rd party backup software. Suppress the 'backup complete' dialog by using the "/silent" command line parameter: "\...\SideSlide>SideSlide /backup /silent".
- Launching SideSlide with the question mark ("/?") command line parameter will now show the available commands and exit the program.
- Removed 'Shrink/Expand All' and 'Fold/Unfold All' Arrange menu options. Those were very old functions from before SideSlide v1 which probably aren't used by anyone anymore (I hope).
- Minor adjustment to the location of the container's Fold/Unfold button.
- New default toolbar buttons ("Modern").
- Other misc. minor changes.
Fortuna fortes juvat.

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Re: SideSlide v. 3.9.00 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 30.10.17, 19:17

v. 4.0
Size of the Docking Bar: You can now select between 3 different sizes for the workspace
Added the ability to start web searches directly from the Keyboard Launcher.
multiple changes to portable installation/adding objects from relative path.
New menu command "Paste to Container"
Added Conrol Panel container to new installations
New "Send To" Shortcut Menu command.

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Re: SideSlide v. 4.0.00 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 10.02.18, 0:42

v. 4.1.00 - weniger Fehler
- Quick expression calculator Improvements:
- New setting "Speed Launch" under the General section in the Settings dialog
- Added "Shortcut Properties" item that allows you to quickly open the Shortcut Properties dialog.
- New theme: Alien Planet.
- The Undo (Ctrl+Z) functionality has been extended
- New "Start in Background" command added to the shortcut right-click menu.
- Added the ability to open files from Windows (Desktop, etc) by dragging and dropping
- Added the ability to use the number keys (0-9) with the Global Hotkey.

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Re: SideSlide v. 4.1 - Desktop Extension

Beitrag von Jean » 21.02.18, 0:41

v. 4.2
New KB Launcher command: Quick Reminder.
Added the ability to, both, select shortcuts using [Shift] + [Arrow Keys] and move them across the workspace
Ctrl+Enter: Run the selected shortcut as administrator.
New option under the Shortcut Properties dialog: Prompt for Parameters.
New 'Web Search' command added to the shortcut's right-click menu to open the selected search engine
Faster startup speed
Undo/Redo buffer increased to 100.