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Version: 1.09
Homepage: http://vtt.to/en/labrys
Lizenz: Free for Non-commercial
screenshot: http://vtt.to/en/img/labrys%20running%2 ... enshot.png
Labrys is a replacement for Windows Start menu and Run dialog. "Sharp on both sides"
Unlike many other Start menu enchantment applications Labrys does not mimic layout or visual appearance of Start menus existing prior to Windows 8. Instead Labrys uses fresh approaches to provide rapid access to applications and command-line utilities with keyboard, mouse and touch.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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018-01-14 v1.0.8
- Fixed failed attempt to load shortcut or modern app threated as a fatal error. Now Labrys will continue to load other stuff instead of immediately exiting.
- Fixed bogus loading of certain modern app captions resulting in string resource location id being displayed instead of real caption.

2018-04-09 v1.0.9
- Disabled option "Handle moden apps" on Windows 7 since modern apps do not exist on that platform.
- Fixed some random bugs caused by bogus Visual c++ 15.5 compiler, most importantly glitched window resizing, missing default jumplist items and (minor) memory leaks after reloading shortcuts.
- Fixed Windows Start button hover effect being suppressed on Windows 7 and Windows 10. Now it is only suppressed on Windows 8.
- Fixed opened About and Settings dialog sometimes preventing Labrys from exiting.

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- Fixed Cleartype smoothing always applied for fonts regardless of system font smoothing settings.
- Fixed first executed command history item not executed when Enter key is pressed while Run Menu mode is active and no command is typed.
- Fixed some random bugs caused by bogus Visual c++ 15.6 compiler.

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