Desktop Sidebar v1.05 Build 116 Beta

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Desktop Sidebar v1.05 Build 116 Beta

Beitrag von mescaline » 22.07.03, 6:40

Name: Desktop Sidebar
Version: 1.03.42
Grösse: ~ 4650kb ohne MSI Installer 6000kb mit MSI Installer

The aim of Desktop Sidebar is provide you with instant access to some of your most important daily information.

Desktop Sidebar is integrated with Microsoft Outlook so you don't have to transfer their data to a new application. While using this application, you won't have to switch to Microsoft Outlook in order to check their schedule or tasks. Desktop Sidebar is docked to the edge of the screen and it is always visible, so to check your schedule, one look at Sidebar is enough!

Desktop Sidebar displays e-mails, appointments, task, notes, Messenger contacts, stock quotes, weather forecasts and constantly updated news from blogs, RSS newsfeeds and web pages. Finally, “Information at your fingertips"

Still not enough? You can control Windows Media Player or WinAmp from Sidebar, and Google is only one key click (Win+Q) from you.

Desktop Sidebar is fully customizable. With skin support, you can change the appearance of sidebar and can freely arrange panels by adding, removing, moving and grouping them together. All panels can be configured with a number of specific options.

Following panels are available:
Clock panel – This is a very simple panel, just an ordinary clock… but when you rest your mouse on it, it will display a calendar in a details window.
Calendar Panel – This panel displays your appointments from Microsoft Outlook.
Tasks Panel – This panel displays your tasks from Microsoft Outlook.
Inbox Panel – This panel shows the contents of your Inbox and other Outlook folders. This panel includes rules engine, simple junk filter and it displays alerts about new messages.
Notes Panel – This panel displays your Notes folder from Microsoft Outlook. As in the case of other “Outlook” panels, you can add or remove notes to Outlook by the context menu in this panel.
Messenger Panel – This panel displays your contacts from Windows Messenger.
Newsroom Panel – This panel is an RSS aggregator. Newsroom panel integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer so you can subscribe to newsfeeds from page displayed in Internet Explorer with one button click.
Performance Panel – This panel displays information about the workload of your computer.
Disk Monitor – This panel displays the amount of free space on hard drives.
Media Player – This panel allows you to control Windows Media Player from Sidebar and information about playing media even with visualization are displayed in this panel.
WinAmp Panel - This panel allows you to control WinAmp from Sidebar
Toolbar panel – You can move Quick Launch toolbar from Windows Taskbar to this panel. This will allow you to save precious space on their taskbar.
Weather Panel - This panel displays a weather forecast.
Search Bar Panel – Instant (Win+Q) access to Google and other search engines with built-in Calculator and Command Line launcher.
Stock Panel - This panel displays stock quotes directly on the sidebar.
Internet Mail Checker – This panel allows users who don’t use Microsoft Outlook to see their (POP3) e-mail on directly on sidebar. This panel includes rules engine, simple junk filter and will display alerts about new messages.

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Beitrag von Alexs » 05.09.04, 16:41

Hier die richtige Adressen:

- Screenshots
- List of changes
- Skins

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Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 92 Beta

Beitrag von rugosch » 22.07.05, 13:43

Update auf 1.05 Build 92 Beta

* Recurring appointment are displayed incorrectly in Calendar Panel
* Mail Checker panel sometimes uses 100% of CPU

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Beitrag von likeatim » 21.11.05, 9:24

UPDATE: Version 1.05 Build 94 Beta
Man kann jetzt wohl kleine Applikationen via JScript in die Kommandozeile einbauen... nett
You can develop extension for CmdLine panel using JScript, VBScript, .NET and etc. There is example in DSSDK and in dsidebar.xml.
CmdLine panel allows search with Windows Desktop Search
You can display time and date in CmdLine panel when it is not used
Adding attributes in Skin Editor works again
Support for upgrading 3rd party plugins is improved
You can scroll menu displayed by Toolbar Panel
Problems with appointments send from different time zone are fixed
and many more fixes and improvements :)

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Beitrag von MayRob2 » 20.08.06, 11:38

Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116 Beta


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