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Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.0* live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 09.03.19, 5:54
von klodeckel
v23.0.2 (Hotfix)

Added a warning when closing dock windows
Fixed a bug where if the video drivers crashed or were reinstalled while running OBS for whatever reason, output would turn green
Fixed a bug where the last frame of the previous stream/recording could show up as the first frame of the next stream/recording if on the same running session
Fixed QSV not functioning correctly for some users
Fixed an issue where Python scripting stopped working for 23.0.1
Fixed a memory leak when reloading scripts
Fixed a bug where your profile could reset if you started the program for the first time, changed the language, and then restarted the program
Made a workaround for a system issue where certain older video cards and graphics drivers would show green video with banding artifacts

Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.0* live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 06.04.19, 16:38
von Gordon
New Features/Improvements
Added optional Twitch activity feed panel when account is connected to OBS (hidden by default, you can show it in the View -> Docks menu)
Added account integration
Added option to select color range to Linux video device source
Added ability to copy and paste filters from the mixer
Added preview/program labels to studio mode
Added new settings icons
Added a checkbox for bandwidth test mode in settings when using Twitch account integration
Added 25/50 PAL framerate values in video settings
Added "Area" scale filtering for sources as an alternative to point scaling. May preserve more detail on retro games
Added the ability to select video / audio connectors on the Decklink source from inside OBS
Added the ability to swap Front Center and Low frequency effects channel on the Decklink source
Improved the attack/release processing of the expander audio filter
Bug Fixes/Tweaks

Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.2 live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 12.06.19, 9:39
von klodeckel
OBS Studio 23.2

umfangreiches Änderungsprotokoll gibt's hier:

Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.2.1 live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 16.06.19, 7:00
von klodeckel

Hotfix Changes
Fixed a crash that could happen with the popular third-party obs-ndi plugin
Fixed the tray icon being shown even when the tray icon was disabled in settings
Fixed a display bug with sources when a custom color was applied to the list item in the sources list box
Fixed a bug where background-removing cameras would have a hall of mirrors effect

Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.2x live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 19.09.19, 19:01
von Gordon
Version 24 bringt neben Tweaks und Fixes auch Neues:
New Features
Added the ability to pause recording. This can only be used when not sharing an encoder with the stream. [Jim]
Added an option to automatically adjust bitrate when congestion occurs to advanced settings, which is an alternative to dropping frames (available in advanced settings). Note that this currently only works with RTMP, and severe congestion may cause increased delay to viewers. [Jim/pkv]
Added the ability to select multiple sources on the preview by box selection [Dillon]
Added the ability to create custom browser docks in the View -> Docks menu. This allows you to open extra dockable webpages whenever OBS opens [Jim]
Browser sources can now have their volume adjusted via the audio mixer, or have filters applied to them. Additionally, you can now change whether the browser source outputs to speakers or to stream only via the audio monitoring settings in advanced audio properties. [Osiris/pkv/Jim]
Added a script to pause recording when a specific scene is active [cg2121]
Added a "Hotkey Focus Behavior" option to advanced settings, which allows you to set whether hotkeys are disabled depending on whether you have the main window in focus or not [jb-alvarado/Jim]
Added an option to general settings to allow users to confirm when clicking the "Stop Recording" button [glikely]
Added channels widget for service integration [SoftwareArchitector]
Added the "Area" shader as a downscale shader in video settings [jpark37]
Added an "Enable Preview" button to the main window when the preview is disabled [cg2121]
Added (or rather fixed) hardware acceleration support for decoding media files when using the media source where applicable [Jim]

Re: OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio 23.2x live streaming and recording

Verfasst: 13.10.19, 16:37
von Gordon
viele Fehler weniger bei 24.0.3: