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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.1.4 Free - A multi OS media manager - v 3.1x

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v. 4.1.6
(movies/TV shows) “add a new data source” has been added to the “update data sources” menu
(movies/TV shows) view NFO files and play music theme files in the mediafiles tab
(TV shows) added IMDB id to the TV show renamer #1344
(movies/TV shows) reduced CPU usage of MVStore
(movies/TV shows) reduced loading time of the databases
(movies) added sorting via title as second sort order
(movies) set original file name for single movie folders too
(movies/TV shows) compare date added on the date part only
heavily reworked the Kodi integration #335, #966, #971, #1151, #1303
automatically restore a backup if a damaged database has been detected on startup
support for scraping adult TV shows #1307
reworked memory usage visualization in the status bar
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.1.6 Free - A multi OS media manager - v 3.1x

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v. 4.2.2 - weniger Fehler
- selected entries amount and file size totals to the movie/movie set/TV show list
- file size totals tp the movie/movie set/TV show table
- an option to set the default value for "do not overwrite existing data" to the settings
- a setting to ignore completeness check for specials
- enhanced loading times of internal scrapers
- enhanced the filename filter to run against all media files
- rewrote fetching of translated episodes in the episode chooser
- (IMDB) allow unassigned episodes to be scraped
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.2.2 Free - A multi OS media manager

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v. 4.3
added an action to scrape ratings from multiple scrapers
fetch all possible IDs & ratings when scraping
added a fallback strategy for the universal scraper
added an action to lock objects on movie/TV show level
updated the bundled Java version to 17.0.2
added an HTTP API for remote control of tinyMediaManager
added a movie scraper for AniDB #1728 (th@hudsonrj09)
allow editing of cast from within the cast panels
(TMDB) enabled logo scraping
added an option to store NFO files outside of disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV)
added an option to automatically “cleanup unwanted files” on rename
added extended syntato movie search field.
Improved handling of Bluray/DVD disc folder structures (also within ISOs)
rework automatic aspect ratio detection (performance)
updated Movie Picker template (th@bastienpruvost)
improved download speed of trailers
enabled multi line notes #1710
Added an action to rewrite movie set NFO files
Enhanced getting alternative trailer qualities for trailers
added button to create movie sets from within the movie editor
Enabled aspect ratio detection for disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV)
further improve naming detection
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.3.8 Free - A multi OS media manager

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Gar nicht mal mehr so "tiny", inzwischen bei sauberen ~ 80 MB angekommen. Heieiei...

15.01.2023 - Version v4.3.8
+ added new style for Kodi v19+ - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=370489 (http://bit.ly/3IIJZLV) \+ added an option to specify update check interval/disable update check completely \+ (movie, TV show) added the ability to copy renamer token into the clipboard (CTRL C, right click) \+ upgraded libmediainfo to 22.12 \+ new implementation of the IMDB scraper (check scraper settings!) \+ added new IMDB trailer scraper (needs to be activated in the settings) \+ added a new renderer to process outputs from multiple renderers #1980 (http://bit.ly/3GYsbLk) \+ open context menu of movie/movie set/TV show lists via context menu key on the keyboard x automatically close renamer preview if nothing needs to be renamed #1964 x do not store filters if they are not active #1961 x do not remove missing episodes with unset DVD S/E #1960 x (movie) create new editions when importing NFO files #1959 x (movie) reserve more space for the edition dropdown #1963 x (movie) added some more editions per default #1987 x (movie) enabled strict case comparison when creating new editions #1969 x improve episode detection to find them also in optional [brackets] x (TV shows) fixed filtering for missing episode thumbs #1977 x able to exchange movies with same name in case of MMD x fix parsing MediaSource on exchanged video files #1992 x remember all splitter locations #1966 x (movie) enhanced detection of movie titles when parsing the data source x (AniDB) inform users when they are banned #1997 x (movie, TV show) set playcount and lastplayed along with watched state in the NFO #1983 x fixed deletion of filter presets when the warning has been disabled #2002 x added season name renamer token to the examples #1968 x provide release date as another date field for UI #1981 x added "Passed" and "Approved" to US certifications #2001 x fixed adding of new extrathumbs/extrafanarts #1996 x Fanart.tv switch url back to original x IMDB: artworks should only be downscaled, but never upscaled - #1988 x added some validation to the aspect ratio detection #2016 x prevent UI lockups when writing NFO files is not possible

01.12.2022 - Version v4.3.7
x better detect and parse movie structures #1932
x fixed changing of tags in episodes #1955
x (IMDB) make cleaner calls to avoid HTTP 403 responses
x (TV show) better cleanup after scraping in the episode editor
x added module name into title bar of the filter dialog

26.11.2022 - Version v4.3.6
+ added reloading of mediainfo to the commandline interface
+ Subtitles: also parse language from filename, if MediaInfo detects none #1947
+ updated Java to 17.0.5 #1948 #1933
x improved MediaSource detection (false positives, ordering) #1950
x (TV show) also normalize database values before filtering the tree #1929
x (IMDB) fixed search
x (TV show) enhanced season detection for season artwork #1943
x added some performance improvements to the launcher

06.11.2022 - Version v4.3.5
+ added the “date added” column to the movie set table #1937
+ IMDB serves different search result pages - parse other one too
x fixed wrong detection of the season number in season artwork filename (resulting in season2147483647-poster.jpg) #1943
x prevent crashes in the episode editor due to too large episode numbers #1917
x also enable FFmpeg for automatic fanart scraping #1927
x do not show rating star twice in the ratings panel #1931
x (TV show) normalize text before filtering the tree #1929
x AniDB: better filtering of search results
x Improved search results when having a date in title #1932
x revert change, which prevented renaming of episodes w/o patterns
x better handling of timeouts #1925

08.10.2022 - Version v4.3.4
+ added the ID of the movie/TV show to the search results #1824
+ added a renamer token for TV show genres and TV show/episode ratings #1874
+ also delete unwanted folders on rename #1692
+ TV episodes: also detect IDs from filename
+ changing the user rating will remove it from the ratings
+ added regular expression based skip folders for TV shows #1402
+ added a path based filter for movies and TV shows #1891
x do not check title token for valid episode name pattern #1870
x fixed timing of KodiRPC calls #1831
x (TVDB) allow using a subscriber API key & pin
x (TMDB) matching of episode numbers #1884
x update movie media source on exchanged video files
x remove all scraped IDs when changing episode/season numbers
x upgrade MediaSource BluRay to UHD-BluRay, if video specs say so
x (TVDB) also scrape certification data for TV shows
x KodiRPC: better handling of URIs for matching (stackoverflow) #1903
x read real subtitle format via mediainfo

26.08.2022 - Version v4.3.3
+ redesign the file type panel
+ added Top 250 column to the movie list #1838
x fix displaying correct runtime for disc folders
x preserve tags order #1848
x better fallback scraper selection
x merging multiple items should not remove anything #1840
x (TMDB) fixed rating download for TV shows
x do not try to get episode thumbs from fanart.tv #1855
x ignore tmdbcol (from Ember) in the duplicate filter
x (AniDB) fixed scraping of episodes
x saving of changes genres/tags in the movie/TV show editor #1858
x (TV shows) removed double assigned hotkey #1851
x fix scraping TV season names #1856
x also set unknown HDR values
x respect preferred artwork sizes for TV shows too
x fix loading values in the replacement renderer

03.08.2022 - Version v4.3.2
+ redesign artwork type naming panel
x check for existing ID when using MPDb.TV scraper (metadata & artwork)
x fixed aspect ratio detection; improved logging of errors
x fixed occasional removing of cast when re-scrape #1840
x fixed downloading of some YT trailers
x fixed fetching of season artwork from TVDB #1841
x fixed KodiRPC calls #1831
x download missing artwork did not respect the chosen scrapers
x improved fallback episode detection for files with just numbers
x improved error handling on reading MediaInfo XMLs
x revert UI lib to fix scaling issues with bigger fonts
x hd-trailers.net better error handling
x fix FFMpeg artwork scraper for tv episodes #1842
x parse even more metadata fields of MKV files

31.07.2022 - Version v4.3.1
x removed copying of file attributes which resulted in inaccessible artwork #1835
x fix for handling disc files not in their expected folder
x parse correct filename out of the mediainfo.xml (which is now mandatory for better detection)
x fix AspectRatioDetection on some files
x improved overall performance when dealing with disc folder structures (runtime calculation)
x fix for detection of the FFmpeg executable
x removed overwriting of the renamer pattern when using a media center preset #1837
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. Free - A multi OS media manager

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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.3.9 Free - A multi OS media manager

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Und 4.3.9. :)
x (TVDB) only scrape the requested certification code
x fix duplicate filter with movie sets scraped from TMDB #2024
x fixed parsing language from libmediainfo #2036
x (movie) fixed loading of custom editions #2043
x (TMDB) fixed classification of artwork (logos) #2044
x (TV show) fixed fetching of missing episode thumbs #2045
x (HTTP API) wait for all image downloads before renaming
x enhanced the array renderer (also render lists with other types than strings)
x (TV shows) hanging when scraping for episodes #1411
x (TV shows) also allow to choose season artwork when scraping TV shows
x (movie) fix character escaping of path separators #2049
x (Trakt.tv) enhanced conversion for atmos/hdr codec in metadata sync (thx @louislach)
x (moviesets) do not allow editing of ‘dummy’ movies #2064
x (TV show) re-evaluate filter state after changes #2047
x (JMTE) replacement renderer can also be called for a single char
x (API) scope “unscraped” has been added to our HTTP API
x improved performance of “update data sources” when Kodi sync is activated
x sorting of video formats #2077
x added certifications for BR #2074
x (movie set) added an action to remove selected movies from the movie set #2064
x some performance enhancements for the Kodi sync
x fixed saving of filter dialog location #2081 #2032
x display data sources in filter in the same order as in the settings #2079
x (trakt) fixed linking to detail pages with ID #2085
x fixed (re)setting watched date from Trakt and Kodi to NFO #2083
x slightly tweak the split files pattern
x fix actor display #2073
x (OFDB) rework scraper, fix trailers
x removed some unneeded actions
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. Free - A multi OS media manager

Beitrag von tux0r », kein bekanntes Changelog.
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.3.10 Free - A multi OS media manager

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+ added new “unique” array renderer
+ (FFmpeg) added some variance to create different thumbs everytime #2137
x improved loading speed of movie and TV show module
x fixed overwriting existing artwork on download #2109
x (IMDB/TMDB) scrape certifications for TV shows #2116
x do not create a movie set without title from a damaged NFO
x fix language selector #2133
x fix TvShow update not finding/reading episode NFO files #2126
x (FFmpeg) added some mitigations for wrong settings #2112
x (HD-trailers) fix scraping
x (TV shows) handle “uncategorized” missing episodes in the same way as missing specials
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. 4.3.11 Free - A multi OS media manager

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+ added Chinese (Singapore) to the scraper languages #2142
+ (renamer) audioChannels in “dot” notation (6ch -> 5.1)
+ (bulk edit) remember last used tab when bulk editing
+ upgraded libmediainfo to 23.04
+ added Macedonian to the scraper languages #2170
+ (mediainfo) extract subtitles from audio files too #2180
+ (Trakt) added an option to choose which date field is used for “collected at” #2168
x (TMDB) enhanced loading of localized episode content (title, original title, plot) #2165
x fixed Kodi RPC mappings
x fixed trailer downloading
x (Docker) force writing of window sizes/locations on shutdown #2091
x (TMDB/TVDB) do not scrape empty episode names if no translation is available #2147
x (movie set) downloading of artwork with different extensions #2154
x (TV shows) fixed renaming of video extras #2145
x fix extras detection for TV shows/episodes
x (movie) fix renaming of stacked subtitles
x fix renamer preview for extras
x added a faster way to re-evaluate MMD on each update
x made update data sources more crash resistant #2169
x enhanced logic to detect scraped status #2156
x enhanced extra(s) handling for episodes
x enhanced multi movie detection
x fixed pre-set of episode thumbs in the “Scrape metadata of selected episodes” dialog
x moved version info into the toolbar #2161
x added “Canceled” status for TV shows #2177
x improved edition detection from filename
x some enhancements on the automatic artwork download algorithm
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Re: tinyMediaManager v. Free - A multi OS media manager

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