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Icecream Video Editor v. 2.34

Verfasst: 25.07.19, 17:24
von Gordon
Icecream Video Editor

Version: 1.3.0
Icecream Video Editor ist eine einfach verwendbare, kostenlose Videobearbeitungssoftware, die Ihnen erlaubt, Videos zu bearbeiten und neue sowohl aus Videos als auch Fotos innerhalb von Minuten zu erstellen. Schneiden Sie Videos zu, fügen Sie Übergänge und Hintergrundmusik sowie Titel ein, wenden Sie visuelle Effekte und mehr.
Eiscreme, hmmm, lecker und gut :D

Re: Icecream Video Editor 1.3.0

Verfasst: 29.08.19, 19:57
von Gordon
16 Aug 2019
Neueste Version
Fix for 200% scaling
Other UI minior fixes
14 Aug 2019
Stability improved
x64 version added
12 Aug 2019
Timeline major bugfixes
Different encodings better support
Debug system upgrade

Re: Icecream Video Editor 1.3.6

Verfasst: 19.11.19, 17:26
von Gordon
19 Nov 2019
Neueste Version
Dropbox integration fixed
14 Oct 2019
Scene text added to scenes' and projects' thumbnails
Change project name quickly from window title
Gradients added to Colors Library
HiDPI player fix
Memory usage major improvements
Filters for color slides added
Windows 7 installer fix
Multiple minor UI and bug fixes
11 Sep 2019
Major stability improvements
Videos animated preview in Library
Audio device handling improved
Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Re: Icecream Video Editor 1.48

Verfasst: 15.12.19, 17:51
von Gordon
11 Dec 2019
Neueste Version
Freezing frame additional fix
10 Dec 2019
Freezing frame bug fixed
Add fade in/out for original audio of scenes
Video library preview fix for auto rotation in Windows 7
5 Dec 2019
Added media auto rotation improvements
Windows 7 better UI compatibility
Change player's sound volume with mouse wheel
Multiple other UI and bug fixes and improvements

Re: Icecream Video Editor 1.53

Verfasst: 20.05.20, 23:58
von Jean
v. 2.0.8 - seither auch als Pro-Version
Licensing changes
PRO activation bug fixes and improvements
Export stability improved
New fancy transitions
New cool text effects added
"Split scene" button added
"Motion" mode for photo scenes added
Audio "Offset" feature added
Color picker for text effects
Multiselection for Filters/Effects added
Export video as mp3 option added
Volume up to 400% of original audio
Transition preview feature added
Export preview added
Audio sync problems solved
Disappearing transitions nuisance avoided
M4V support added
Multiple formats incompatibility problem solved
50+ more small UI improvements and bug fixes

Re: Icecream Video Editor v. 2.0.8

Verfasst: 30.07.20, 0:03
von Jean
v. 2.20 - weniger Fehler

Updated Audio CD tool.
Updated audio encoding library.
Improvements to user interface.
Improved file reading in Data Recovery tool.
Improved support of 128GB Blu-ray XL discs.
Text preset thumbnail preview play/pause buttons
Loop audio fix
Licensing changes
Audio devices better support
RAM usage on eport optimized
Several timeline files

Re: Icecream Video Editor v. 2.20

Verfasst: 05.11.20, 22:59
von Jean
v. 2.34 - weniger Fehler
New feature: Auto colors adjustment for photos
Export/import projects
Video reverse feature added (General settings)