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MediaCoder 0.8.52 - universeller Video/Audio-Batch-Transcoder

Verfasst: 05.12.05, 17:34
von Gordon

Version: 0.3.3.
Grösse: 11 MB
Lizenz: GPL
Screenshot: auf der HP
MediaCoder is an open source audio/video batch transcoder, putting together many excellent audio/video softwares from the open source community into one friendly GUI. On video side, MEncoder is used as back-end, which provides support for nearly all known video compression and container formats as well as rich and useful video filtering features (e.g. post-processing, 3D de-noise). On audio side, MPlayer and Winamp input plugins used as decoders, various encoders integrated, MediaCoder can simply batch transcode among any known audio formats, with tags transferred, file names generated, and even performing audio filtering (e.g. resample, normalize) on the fly.

Typical applications:

Improving compression / reducing file size
Extracting audio track
Converting to normal VCD/DVD player ready video files
Converting from lossless or high-bitrate audio to low-bitrate audio to play with portable DAP
Ripping CDs and compressing it on the fly

Supported source formats:

Audio: MP3, OGG/Vorbis, AAC, MusePack, WMA, RealAudio, FLAC, WavPack, APE/APL, WAV, CUE Sheets, and any other formats supported by Winamp input plugins
Video: AVI (Xvid/DivX/H.264), MPEG1/2/4, QuickTime (mov), WMV/ASF, RealMedia (rmvb), MP4, Matroska (mkv)
CUE Sheets

Supported target audio formats:

Lossy: MP3 (Lame), OGG/OGM (Vorbis), AAC (iTunes, Nero AAC Encoder, FAAC), AAC+/Parametric Stereo (CT, Helix), MusePack, WMA
Lossless: FLAC, WavPack, Monkey's Audio (APE), WMA Lossless, WAV

Supported target video formats:

H.264, Xvid, DivX 4/5, MPEG1/2/4, H.263 etc.

Supported target container formats:

AVI, MPEG 1/2, Matroska, MP4
MediaCoder ist eine GUI für zahlreiche Multimediaprogramme, um Video/Audio-Dateien in andere Formate zu konvertieren oder z.B. Audiotracks zu extrahieren. Schnell, übersichtlich, gut :top:

Wem das aber alles zuviel ist kann auch auf verschiedene Spezialversionen des MediaCoders zurückgreifen:

MediaCoder Audio Edition (recommended for audio enthusiasts)
MediaCoder iPod/iPhone Edtions
MediaCoder PSP Edtions
MediaCoder PMP (Personal Media Player) Edition
MediaCoder Mobile Phone Edition


Verfasst: 15.11.06, 22:16
von catman
MediaCoder 0.5.1-r1
1. MediaCoder updated to build 2738
1.1. added huffyuv codec support
1.2. updated Windows Media Encoder front-end
1.3. fixed video playback breakage in extension window
1.4. updated extensions and plug-ins
1.5. added Archos extension
1.6. added some video resolution options
1.7. improved some user interfaces
1.8. improved scaling options
1.9. improved x264 options
1.10. updated Italian translation
2. updated MPlayer and MEncoder
3. updated FFmpeg to r6894
4. updated x264 to r598
5. updated XviD to 1.1.2
6. updated MP4Box to 0.4.3
7. updated Matroska merger to 1.7.0
8. updated MPUI to 1.2-pre3

Verfasst: 20.11.06, 23:35
von poiuz
Version 0.5.1-r2:
1. MediaCoder updated to build 2750
1.1. added Theora support
1.2. fixed the command line crashing bug again
1.3. fixed aspect ratio option ignored with ffmpeg backend
1.4. misc fix-ups and improvements
2. updated MPlayer (now built with GCC-4.1)
3. updated FFmpeg to r7719 (now built with GCC-4.1)
4. updated x264 to r600 (now built with GCC-4.1)
5. included ffmpeg2theora

Verfasst: 24.11.06, 20:48
von catman
MediaCoder 0.5.1-r3
1. MediaCoder updated to build 2764
1.1. fixed a WMA issue
1.2. fixed iPod plugin b-frame setting mistake which might break video playback on iPod
1.3. improved PSP plugin (added MPEG-4 SP mode and file transmission feature)
1.4. improved FFmpeg support (cropping options now applied on FFmpeg, bitrate option issue fixed)
1.5. added options for de-logo filter
1.6. fixed audio delay bug
1.7. improved device plugin interface
2. updated FFmpeg to r7159
3. updated x264 to r602

Verfasst: 05.12.06, 5:21
von fishy
MediaCoder 0.5.1-r5

1. MediaCoder updated to build 2798
1.1. updated many x264 options
1.2. added a nice x264 setup extension (experimental)
1.3. fixed tag name quotation mark missing issue
1.4. fixed extension video window positioning inaccurate issue
1.5. updated German and Finnish translation
1.6. added Meizu miniPlayer extension (contribution)
1.7. fixed a theora2ffmpeg option bug
1.8. fixed Winamp input and DSP plug-in configuration window breakage
1.9. fixed several UI bugs
1.10. improved plug-in interface
1.11. improved PSP plug-in
1.12. fixed some video playback issues
2. FLAC decoder and encoder updated 1.1.3
3. MPlayer and MEncoder updated
4. FFmpeg updated to r7221

1. MediaCoder updated to build 2777
1.1. added clip selection dialog
1.2. removed unnecessary MEncoder expanding option
1.3. fixed Chinese path name messing up issue
1.4. fixed "skip 10s" button in extension window not working issue
1.5. updated German translation
2. MPlayer and MEncoder updated to r21305
3. updated FFmpeg to r7177
4. updated x264 to r603
5. updated MusePack encoder to 1.16

Verfasst: 19.03.07, 15:09
von Stevie

Verfasst: 26.03.07, 18:57
von fishy

Verfasst: 07.07.07, 4:31
von fishy

Verfasst: 27.07.07, 3:22
von ^L^
The latest release of MediaCoder Full Pack is Last Updated 07-25-2007

CL: ...

DL: ... .0.3822.7z
MediaCoder 0ptimization Packs Last Updated 07-24-2007

How To Use It
After installing MediaCoder, download and install this optimization pack with default installation.
The installer will overwrite the encoder binaries of installed MediaCoder with optimized version.
Don't install optimization pack on a mismatched system. More optimization packs are coming soon.


Verfasst: 02.08.07, 11:47
von fishy

Verfasst: 28.08.07, 20:01
von smurf

Verfasst: 05.10.07, 9:08
von catman
[update] MediaCoder build 3900
[fix] a critical bug that may seriously affect XviD encoding performance
[fix] a bug that causes high CPU utilization when transcoding paused (with some encoder backends)
[fix] exported waveform file header chunk size mistake
[fix] MP4Box on vista issue (specify -tmp argument for MP4Box)
[add] auto switching to SSE2-enabled vorbis encoder on detection of SSE2 support
[add] balloon tip enable/disable option
[update] sync Dirac support to Dirac 0.8.0
[add] SSE2-enabled vorbis encoder (OggEnc Lancer)
[update] Dirac encoder 0.8.0
[update] x264 r680
[update] FFmpeg r10666
[update] MPlayer/Mencoder r24701

Verfasst: 30.10.07, 8:23
von catman
[update] MediaCoder build 3932
[add] decoder/encoder priority adjustment on-the-fly
[add] new crop mode of edge coordinates
[update] system information user interface
[fix] issues caused by the newly implemented ring buffer
[add] Korean translation
[fix] Clipping and Effects dialog mark in/out issue
[update] FAAC 1.26
[update] MEncoder r24845
[update] MP4Box reverted to 0.4.4 for stability

Verfasst: 05.11.07, 17:06
von catman
[update] MediaCoder build 3940
[add] testing phase before actual transcoding
[add] LAME preset option
[update] quality value to XviD quantizer mapping equation
[fix] large file list issue
[update] x264 r682
[update] FFmpeg r10927
[update] MPlayer/MEncoder r24968
Changelog: ...

Verfasst: 08.11.07, 17:53
von catman
[update] MediaCoder build 3945 (urgent bugfix release to 3940)
[fix] a bug that causes transcoded file to get overwritten unexpectedly
[fix] audio decoding with Winamp input plugins finishing before reaching end issue
[fix] another attempt to fix UI messing-up issue on high-DPI screens
[fix] temporary multi-pass stats file not removed bug

Verfasst: 02.09.08, 23:54
von BSA
Neue Version:

Setup ... 1.4180.exe

7-Zip Datei ... .1.4180.7z


aber ....

hab den neuen heute auf meinem neuen ASUS (hatte u.a. auch mal die optimierten packs reinkopiert, gleiches Problem) laptop getestet.
wollte eine MPEG2 Datei in mp4/h264 [heutigen Tatort "Bienzle's schwerster Fall" auf SWF] konvertieren.
nach dem er nach die ersten 25 MB (von 1,7) verarbeitet hatte schmierte er ab. Nochmal und nochmal an unterschiedlichen stellen und teils mit mehreren Filmen
hab ihn daraufhin wieder De- und NEU installiert.
4x das Spielchen

hab dann die auf meiner CD wieder gefunden. Die verarbeitet das ohne Probleme.

Verfasst: 12.09.08, 10:08
von Rainer Zufall
die bekommst Du auch auf der HP: ... .1.4045.7z


Verfasst: 27.05.09, 8:03
von Rainer Zufall
Schade, dass die ge7zippten Versionen nicht mehr angeboten werden.


Verfasst: 10.06.09, 17:05
von Gordon
neue Version 0.71 - mit der Neuheit für Nvidia-Grafikkartennutzer, dass die CUDA-Technologie erstmals in einem Freeware-Transcoder genutzt wird, um den Konvertiervorgang zu beschleunigen, laut Heise wohl um den Faktor 3,5! Setzt aber eine Karte der 8000er Serie oder höher sowie den aktuellen Geforce-Treiber ab der Version 185.85 voraus.

CL: ... _Changelog

Verfasst: 10.06.09, 22:45
von ArpO
MediaCoder verstösst selbst gegen alle möglichen Lizenzen, z.B. werden diverse DLLs bzw. Codecs mitgeliefert die NICHT frei sind.
Auch wird die GPL vom Programmieren NICHT eingehalten!