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Re: Filezilla v. 3.50.x - Open Source FTP Client

Verfasst: 20.10.20, 22:42
von Jean
v. 3.51
Fixed import of sites protected with a different master password
Directory comparison now works correctly with non-default file name sorting settings
Small search dialog fixes
Refactored how the queue stores transfer flags
Refactored internals to be more modular
Distinguish between Cancel and No in the file changed dialog
Small fixes to changing or disabling a master password

Re: Filezilla v. 3.51.x - Open Source FTP Client

Verfasst: 05.01.21, 0:42
von Jean
v. 3.52
Fixed a regression with the rename file exists action on downloads
Added context menu item in the search dialog to close the search and set the selected directory as the current local/remote directory
Use asynchronous file readers/writers in the engine

Re: Filezilla v. 3.52.x - Open Source FTP Client

Verfasst: 19.01.21, 0:46
von Jean
v. 3.52.2 - weniger Fehler