Pale Moon 28.3 - Firefox entrümpelt und optimiert

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UPDATE: Pale Moon 28.2.2 - Firefox entrümpelt und optimiert

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Pale Moon: Release notes
v28.2.2 (2018-12-06)
This is a minor update to address a few pertinent issues.


Changed the about:feeds icon for external applications to a generic icon, since that kind of access to executables is no longer allowed for security reasons.
Fixed issues with copying/pasting bookmarks in the Library View.
Fixed a crash occurring when using HTTP pipelining over some (broken) proxies.
Fixed several issues with animated WebP display (animations stopping, corrupted frames on lossy images, etc.)
Fixed an issue with the display of truncated GIF images.
Fixed an issue with deleting recent history not working properly.
Fixed incorrect duplicate compatibility mode preferences in about:config.
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Re: Pale Moon 28.2x - Firefox entrümpelt und optimiert

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