Calibre 3.46.* - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

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Calibre 3.46.* - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Gordon » 16.03.09, 17:50


Version: 0.5.1
Grösse: 25 MB (für die Windowsversion)
Lizenz: GNU GPL
calibre is a ebook library management application. Its features are divided into the following categories:
Library Management
Format conversion (all major ebook formats can be converted from)
Syncing to ebook reader devices
Fetching news from the web and converting it into ebook form
Viewing many different ebook formats
Giving you access to your book collection over the internet using just a browser
Mit Calibre kann man seine Ebooks vernünftig verwalten, sortieren, ansehen, konvertieren und editieren sowie mit einiger Hardware synchronisieren.

Eine schmalere Alternative zum Calibre Content-Server:
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Beitrag von Timo » 27.01.10, 23:30

Habe auch gerade von der iPad Vorstellung gelesen ...
und schon ist EPUB im efb aktuelles Thema.

Passt calibre vom Thema nicht eher zu PDF oder Office? PDF kann seit
Jahren auch frei fließenden Text, nur nutzen das wenige. Ich würde mich
nicht wundern, wenn die PDF-Reader bald besser synchronisieren können mit den schicken Tablets.

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Re: Calibre 0.8.23 Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Asmodis » 21.10.11, 18:35

Die portable Version ist auch sehr gut zur Fotoverwaltung und Bilderkatalogisierung verwendbar: ... -12012839/
Man muss Calibre dazu nur etwas zweckentfremdet einsetzen ...
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Re: Calibre 0.8.60 Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von JensusUT » 26.08.12, 11:40

Jean hat geschrieben:... A new wireless device driver - man kann sich jetzt auch schnurlos mit dem Gerät verbinden
Ja, allerdings momentan noch mit Einschränkungen:
A new wireless device driver. This allows connecting wirelessly to a device running a 'smart' calibre client
The wireless connection functions just as if the device was plugged into the computer by USB cable. Currently, Android devices are supported.

Und die currently Android devices brauchen einen "Calibre Companion", welcher im Playstore 2,49€ kostet... Beta.

Meine Nook/Sony-Geräte können also nicht... Na gut, das Kabel einstecken ist auch nicht sooo der Aufwand :mrgreen:

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Re: Calibre 1.13 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von xiaxia » 06.12.13, 9:44

Calibre 1.14 vom 06.12.13


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Re: Calibre 1.18 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 10.01.14, 23:12

und die v. 1.19, z.B.
Edit book: A new tool to insert special characters into the text
Edit book: When searching for text in the editor, center the found text on screen
Edit book: Show tooltips in the File Browser for 'special' files, such as the cover, opf, ncx, etc.

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Calibre 1.31

Beitrag von Alexs » 04.04.14, 17:29

Calibre 1.31

New Features
  • DOCX Input: Support for converting indexes created using the Word Index tool. The entries in the index are automatically converted into links pointing to the indexed locations.
  • AZW3 Output: Add support for converting documents with very large table of contents (with more than 2000 entries).
  • Edit Book: Add a button to easily insert HTML tags. Useful if you want to quickly surround selected text with an arbitrary tag. You can right click the button to get a list of recently used tags.
  • Driver for Tolino Vision (OS X/Linux only).
  • Edit book: Allow editing SVG files as raw XML
Bug Fixes
  • DOCX Input: Fix incorrect numbering being generated for numbered lists in some circumstances.
  • Edit Book: When user is editing files belonging to another user account on linux/os x rather than erroring out when saving, change the ownership of the file to the editing user.
  • Edit Book: Fix insert Inline ToC creating non-linear jumps in class names
  • Fix regression that broke ebook-device cp
Improved news sources
  • The Atlantic
  • CNET
  • El Pais Impreso
  • CNet News
  • Antyweb

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Calibre 1.32

Beitrag von Alexs » 11.04.14, 16:29

Calibre 1.32

New Features
  • Fetch news: Allow automatically creating custom news sources by importing OPML files. Many RSS news reader programs can export their list of RSS feeds in the OPML format.
  • Conversion: When inserting metadata as a jacket page, alter the font sizes in the jacket so that the sizes match the sizes used in the rest of the book. Also pretty print the generated jacket HTML.
  • Allow searching for books by id and uuid using the id: and uuid: prefixes
  • Allow specifying arbitrary colors for column coloring rules
Bug Fixes
  • Update the version of openssl shipped in the binary builds (the version in the windows 64bit build was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug)
  • Edit Book: Fix book being marked as modified even when no actual changes were done by various automated tools such as Smarten Punctuation, Subset Fonts, etc.
  • Fix ebook-device cp -f failing when destination file already exists
  • Ensure that the rendered dates in the book list and edit metadata dialogs are always in the same language as the calibre interface, regardless of system language setting
  • Edit metadata dialog: Remember window size for the cover download window
  • DOCX Input: Dont fail on DOCX files that contain pages with zero effective width.
  • Content server: Fix page not found error when clicking on a category that has only a single item in it
  • Send books to the Books folder for the Tolino Vision, as it cannot find books placed outside this folder
  • Edit book: Fix error when beautifying HTML files that contain un-indented <script> or <style> tags
Improved news sources
  • Ekantipur
  • NRC Handelsblad
  • Frontline

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Calibre 1.33 - E-Book-Management, Konverter, Reader und Editor

Beitrag von Alexs » 18.04.14, 14:46

Calibre 1.33

New Features
  • Edit book: Add a tool to check spellings, access it via Tools->Check spelling
    The calibre book editor now has builtin spellcheck. You can install new dictionaries via Preferences->Editor->Manage spelling dictionaries. It comes with builtin dictionaries for English and Spanish. You can add OpenOffice dictionaries (in .oxt format). The tool checks spellings in all HTML/OPF/NCX files in the book, taking into account any language declarations in the book, so that it will work correctly on multi-lingual books as well. The code is very new, so there may well be bugs. As you type spell checking is not yet implemented.
  • Kobo driver: Support firmware version 3.3
  • Device driver for Tolino Vision on windows
Bug Fixes
  • Amazon metadata download: Fix Editorial Reviews not downloading into the comments section for some books
  • DOCX Input: Fix some text highlighting colors in the DOCX file not being correctly translated during conversion.
  • Wireless device driver: Fix incorrect syncing behavior when book matching is run for a second time while connected. This happens when the user changes the library or selects 'Update cached metadata on device'.
  • Searching: Fix searching by date not using the system locale to interpret dd/mm vs mm/dd dates on windows
New news sources
  • Various new and updated Spanish news sources by Marc Busque
Improved news sources
  • Barrons
  • Creative Blog
PS: Der Titel im Eingangsbeitrag stimmt so nicht (mehr), folgende Eigenschaften hat Calibre mittlerweile:
Verwalten, Konvertierung, Reader und Editor

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Calibre 1.34 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management, Reader und Editor

Beitrag von Alexs » 25.04.14, 18:17

Calibre 1.34

New Features
  • E-book viewer: When in flow mode, handle swiping on the touchscreen differently. Swiping now scrolls line by line in flow mode instead of page by page. If you wish to scroll page by page in flow mode, tap instead of swiping.
  • Conversion: Preserve all guide entries that are of a type present in the EPUB 2.0 specification. These entries are used by newer Kindle readers to populate the Go To jump list.
  • When adding MOBI files if the author name is in LN, FN format, auto change it to FN LN format, as the MOBI format has no author sort field. This behavior can be disabled by setting Preferences → Tweaks → Author sort name algorithm to copy.
  • Spell check: When checking French text list all words that have the same stem as a single word. So j'aime and aime are listed as a single word.
  • Spell check: Add a context (right click) menu that allows for quick operations on all selected words
Bug Fixes
  • EPUB Input: Fix incorrect handling of obfuscated fonts using the IDPF obfuscation algorithm when the epub unique identifier starts with urn:uuid
  • Edit book: Fix obfuscated fonts in EPUB files not being handled correctly when editing the book (obfuscated fonts would get corrupted when making changes).
  • Edit book: Fix a bug that caused spell checking to fail when using the builtin spanish dictionary
  • Spell check: Fix replacing a word and then replacing the new word again not working without doing a refresh in between
  • Spell check: Fix language declarations not being respected for nested tags.
  • Spell check: Fix 'Show next occurrence' sometimes showing the word in an incorrect location, for example in an attribute where spell check is not performed.
  • Allow import of dictionaries that deviate from the spec in minor ways
  • Edit Book: Fix the Show next occurrence button in the spell check dialog sometimes failing to show next occurrence
  • OS X: Detect the users default interface language correctly. Also fix parsing of ambiguous dates in mm/dd vs dd/mm formats, based on the users locale settings in OS X.
Improved news sources
  • Hindustan Times

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Calibre 1.35 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Alexs » 02.05.14, 21:28

Calibre 1.35

New Features
  • Edit Book: Redesign the syntax highlighter to improve performance for large documents and extended editing sessions.
  • Edit book: Make cursor movement smooth by not highlighting matching tags while the cursor is moving. Only match highlighting tags if the cursor stays still for a time.
  • Spellcheck dialog: Indicate whether a word is ignored in the Misspelled column
  • Spellcheck dialog: Pressing Ctrl+C on the words list copies only selected words, regardless of current cell
  • Add a copy to clipboard action to the context menu for the spell check dialog
  • Edit book: Fix save button incorrectly disabled after a failed save
Bug Fixes
  • Edit Book: Fix an error when merging CSS stylesheets that contain @charset rules
  • Edit book: Fix extra invalid entries being generated in the manifest when editing an AZW3 file that has no images.
  • Edit book: Fix a hang when editing an HTML or XML file with text of the form <abc: (i.e. a tag name with a trailing colon).
  • Fix regression that prevented the ebook editor from starting on linux systems with locale set to 'C'
  • DOCX Input: Fix formatting of the generated Index when the index is complex, i.e. with lots of references to the same item, multiple level of sub-items, etc.
  • Smarten punctuation: Fix a double quote preceded by a hyphen at the end of a sentence (before the start of the next tag) being converted into an opening quote instead of closing quote.
  • News download: Fix very long URLs for links to pages causing errors on windows because of max path length restrictions.
  • Edit book: Fix saved search dialog causing high CPU usage
  • Edit book: Fix importing of Lithuanian dictionary from OpenOffice, that does not specify a country code.
Improved news sources
  • Ars Technica
  • Daily Mirror
  • Birmingham Evening Mail
  • NRC - Next
  • Private Eye
  • NZZ

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Re: Calibre 1.35 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 09.05.14, 23:29

v. 1.36, u.a.
Edit Book: A new tool to filter style information
DOCX Input: Add support for cross references.
Add support for viewing kepub files in the calibre viewer

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Re: Calibre 1.36 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 16.05.14, 23:33

v. 1.37 bringt weniger Fehler und u.a.
Edit Book: Live spell checking in the code view

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Re: Calibre 1.37 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 23.05.14, 23:51

v. 1.38, weniger Fehler,
Edit Book: A 'Live CSS' tool that shows all the style rules for the tag you are currently editing
und improved news sources
Ars Technica
The Independent

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Re: Calibre 1.38 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 29.05.14, 23:32

v. 1.39 - bunteres Editieren und bessere Seitenzahlen für Kindle
Edit Book: Allow creation of custom color schemes for the editor
Check Book: When reporting unmanifested file warnings, allow auto fixing
Edit book: Preview panel: Allow syncing of position more accurately
Edit book: Live CSS: Indicate which CSS properties are overridden by higher priority rules
Kindle driver: When generating page numbers automatically, add an additional method to detect page boundaries

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Re: Calibre 1.39 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 14.06.14, 23:14

v. 1.40, u.a.:
Edit Book: Add a new tool to manage fonts. Allows easily changing/removing/embedding fonts in the entire book
Edit Book: Allow the color of the links in the Live CSS panel to be themed.
E-book viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut to bookmark current location.

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Re: Calibre 1.41 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Alexs » 21.06.14, 13:30

Calibre 1.41

Neue Funktionen
  • Neue Schaltfläche (über die Einstellungen → Werkzeugleiste zum aktivieren) zum direkten Eintragen der Metadaten von Calibre ins Buch.
  • calibredb: Add a new 'embed_metadata' command to update metadata in the actual book files in the calibre library from the calibre database.
  • Edit Book: Allow customization of toolbars
  • Add empty book: When adding empty book records to the library, add an option to also create empty EPUB files. Useful if you intend to subsequently edit these files with the calibre editor. You can access the add empty books feature by right clicking the Add Books button.
  • Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Add an option to also remove unused class attributes from the HTML
  • Edit book: Check Book: Add checks for empty HTML/XML/CSS/image files in the book.
  • Edit Book: Check Book: Add checks for links whose fragment (the part after the #) points to a location that does not exist
  • RTF metadata: Add proper support for unicode characters when reading and writing metadata to RTF files
  • RTF metadata: Fix failure to write metadata to RTF files that do not already have an \info block
  • Edit Book: Remove unused CSS: Handle @import rules when checking for unused CSS
  • Edit Book: Remove unused css: Prevent failure when book has invalid items marked as stylesheets
  • calibredb: Fix set_metadata not working for the series_index field.

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Re: Calibre 1.41 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 28.06.14, 1:45

v. 1.42, u.a.
Edit Book: new tool to easily add a cover to the book. It automatically generates the HTML wrapper and takes care of marking the covers files as covers in the OPF.
Edit Book: Improve the performance of inline spell checking, especially noticeable when editing large HTML files (over 100KB in size).
Edit Book: Run syntax highlighting in the background, reducing user interface latency when editing large files
Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for HTML files with non UTF-8 encoding declarations
Edit Book: Spell check dialog: Add an option to make filtering the word list case sensitive

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Re: Calibre 1.42 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Jean » 04.07.14, 23:07

v. 1.4.3
Add a wizard for easily searching date fields in your library. To use it click the advanced search button to the left of the search field.
Driver for Onyx T68.

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Calibre 1.45 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Beitrag von Alexs » 18.07.14, 17:20

Calibre 1.45
  • Edit Book: Add in-context help for HTML and CSS
  • Book details panel: Make series and tags clickable. Clicking on them will search the calibre library for all books in the same series/ having the same tag
  • Edit metadata dialog: Improve performance by only writing changed fields to the database when clicking OK or Next
  • AZW3 Input: When converting from AZW3 files, use the high quality version of the image if the source AZW3 file contains both low and high quality images. These dual azw3 files are produced by kindlegen 2.9
  • Edit Book: When right clicking on a link in the editor add a menu entry to open the link
  • Edit Book: Search and replace panel: Add arrows to open the list of recently used search and replace expressions
  • Driver for Motorola Milestone X2.