Jane 1.72 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

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Jane 1.72 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

Beitrag von Gordon » 22.01.06, 20:00


Version: 1.48
Grösse: 530 kb
Homepage: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/about.html
Downloadlink: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/download.php
Lizenz: Freeware für private Nutzung
Screenshot: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/screenshots.html
Standalone? ja
what is jane?...

nothing special, just another notepad replacement, designed to view all kind of ascii files - as there are millions other apps already available. there's no need to exchange you current favourite program.

... some detailed features ...

• shell integration (double-click ascii files in your explorer to view them ... or scan a directory for the files inside without any further clicks), or create a new file with a single click.

• handling hyperlinks (you will be able to open url from jane. just click on a url or mail address. it will be opened in your standard application).

• multi instance (you can specify whether you want only one instance of the program to be allowed (files will be opened in the same window) or more).

• copy on select (text is copied to clipboard right after you've selected it and released your mouse button/cursor keys). set it up to flicker or not to flicker, to indicate autocopy.

• drag'n'drop support (just drop any file you want to see into jane to open it, or folder to browse for files).

• able to fit onto file width - no need to resize jane for every single file.

• a "recently opened files" menu with max. 30 entries. you can turn this menu on/off.

• two different font schemes can be configured, so it's easy to switch between the two fonts.

• some edit functions for strings like reverse, lower and upper vowels, randomize and invert.

• a lot of other useful functions you might like.
Kleiner schneller Editor für Ascii-Dateien. Nette Features wie automatisches Kopieren in die Zwischenablage bei Markierung und der Umgang mit Links sowie sehr flexible Einstellungsmöglichkeiten heben den Editor aus der Masse hervor.
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Beitrag von Coffins » 30.10.06, 18:46

jane v1.51

* jane got into an infinite loop when loading the 10th "recently used
file" via the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+0.
+ two more color schemes for the nostalgics among us, and
- "black&white" and "white&blue" color schemes discarded.
+ extra mousebuttons can be used for "undo" now.
* search buttons were disabled even with "autocopy clipboard" checked,
fixed now.
- "automatically jumping to the corresponding statusbar popup
menuentry" - which was invited in jane v1.46 - is removed now, since
it doesn't work precisely on all platforms.
* nsi's MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN_PARAMETERS fixed. loading the startfile
failed when trying to start jane within the installation progress
under some circumstances. attached to v1.50's installation bundle on
16.06.2006 already.
+ setup routine (nsi) improved, checking for a running application.
! "Edit Selection" not disabled anymore when Memo.SelLength=0, but
when there is no text at all. becomes "Edit Text" when having
nothing selected and edit whole content now.
+ "save as bitmap" didn't ask before overwriting existing files, will
do now.
! changed "Close File"'s shortcut from CTRL+Q to CTRL+F4.
! Renaming/Moving the current file will ask to save if there are any
! clearing list of recently used files will erase .ini section, too.
! moved shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+C for "Close Line(s)" to CTRL+SHIFT+L.
! CTRL+SHIFT+Q is new shortcut for "Quote Line(s)" - old function for
"Delete Empty Line(s)" - this features shortcut is now SHIFT+ALT+Q.
+ "Close Line(s)" and "Quote Line(s)" will behave like the edit
functions: will be applied to whole text when Memo.SelLength=0,
otherwise it will edit selected lines.
+ "Tools > Interact With Other jane Instances". will let you copy or
cut a selection from one jane instance to another, and send enter to
this instances to seperate copied text, undo available as well. ($)
* shortcut handling for TComboboxes on the search/replaceform
completely rewritten.
* "close dialog after replace all" didn't work since v1.49 anymore.
! shortcut moved: "Copying Return"s is now SHIFT+ENTER instead of
CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER (which is "Send Enter To Another jane Instance"
! "Reverse Lines" is not restricted to registered users anymore.
! new dynamically created "Color Schemes" icon, and both the "Font
Color" and "Background Color" icons are adapted from this one.
! the single shortcut CTRL+0 now toggles "Primary Font/Secondary Font"
instead of wasting two shortcuts (CTRL+9/CTRL+0).
! changed shortcut "Background Color" to CTRL+ALT+B, and the one for
"Save As Bitmap" to SHIFT+CTRL+B (was inverse before).
+ "Options > Toggle jane's Look > Statusbar" submenu, contains the
same options like the statusbar's popupmenu.
+ "Help&Info" files are not added to the "Recently Opened Files" menu
anymore when they're opened from the menu.
* "Additional Options > Misc (3) > Alphablending / Transparency" now
shows the correct transparency setting.
+ double click on statusbarpanel, which contains the filename, while
holding ALT will show a messagebox with the complete path/filename.
! moved scrollbar option from "Options" to "Options > Toggle jane's
* accurate canvas.transparentcolor for mainmenuitems without a bitmap.
* list of "Registered Filetypes" wasn't correctly initialized under
all circumstances.
! the nsis deinstallation routine will now remove jane.ini, too.

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Beitrag von Jean » 30.10.06, 19:15

new dynamically created "Color Schemes" icon, and both the "Font
Color" and "Background Color" icons are adapted from this one.

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 21.01.07, 19:45

aktuell: v1.53 (14.Jan.2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/download.php
changelog hat geschrieben:v1.53 : [ 14.01.2007 ]
! moved "Edit > Special > Random String To Clipboard/Memo" to "Edit > Insert".
* "No Argument For Format" exception when starting up, leading into a corrupt jane instance. finally could fix this, was introduced when jane v1.52. same issue on "Multiple Clipboard", raising no exception but leaving this menu empty. updating your version is therefore highly recommended!
* Filestatus wasn't correctly set when toggling the first statusbar entry.
! using versionnumber on install .exe as well.

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Beitrag von due1980 » 09.04.07, 14:11

Update :) 1.54
v1.54 : [ 06.04.2007 ] { 829.952 bytes }
* "Copy Word" and "Copy Chars" will add their content to the "Multiple
Clipboard" as well now.
# "Additional Options > File Options > Announce Errors When Files
Can't Be Saved Autom." is new, uncheck this to get rid of "errors"
while trying to open files which can't accept changes (e.g. zipped
+ hitting "<" or ">" while holding CTRL will jump to the first or last
file in your filelist.
# new "Additional Options > Misc (3) > Autoclose jane When An URL Was
Clicked" feature.
! "Revert File" not locked anymore when file isn't modified, so you
can reload it anytime (e.g. when there are changes made with other
* default entries ("Recently Used Files" and "Favourite Files") were
not visible under Windows Vista. now visible under vista, but not as
a "default" (bold) but a "normal" menuitem then.
* "Multiple Clipboard" menuitems icon wasn't correctly initialized
(not transp. under win9x).
* "Print File" menuitem routines (.enabled) not started under any
+ "Edit > Special > Delete To Start/End Of Line". will delete from
current cursor position to start or end of the current line. ($)
! shortcut CTRL+DEL now used for the new function above (was used for
"Delete File" before, which now is available via CTRL+ALT+D).
* no correct WndCaret size when toggling INSERT state after changing
the fontsize via CTRL++/CTRL+#, works now correctly.
* more accurate application width ("Set jane's Width Automatically),
noticable when using large fontsizes.
# the about form's italic text (when canceling copy) wasn't correctly
reseted when clicking into the caption. a requested facelift :)
+ now updating cursor/tooltip on hyperlinks after scrolling, too.
# warning when opening files with nullchars.

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Beitrag von Pinhead » 24.02.08, 19:39

Kann das sein das Jane ne Free/Shareware ist?
Weil oben in der Leiste steht "Unregistred" und unter "?\About " steht " your "jane copy is still unregistred".

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Beitrag von RemoH » 24.02.08, 21:56

Schau mal unter


nach - da steht ganz oben:
jane is freeware for private use only. individual permission is needed for business and commercial use, requires a registration and binds to an order of a license.

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 10.01.09, 13:42

aktuell: v1.58 (23-Dec-2008)
download: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/download.php
changelog hat geschrieben:Jane v1.58 (23-Dec-2008)
  • * jane_tm as default font not chosen when starting the first time, and when found on sytem, which should have happened already in previous version.
  • + additional font schemes can now be removed via "Additional Options > Fonts".
  • * "Color Presets" icon got not changed when toggling the font scheme.
  • * more accurate multiline url handling (a ctrl key issue).
  • + when a recently used item can't be found, the filename will be still visible now in TOpenDialog.
  • ! exchanged most of the oldschool 8bit icons within TMainmenu with the corresponding 24bit ones.
  • * a small issue within the "Delete Empty Spaces" routine, opening next file did result in a single (unwanted) flickering.
  • * a small issue with dragging a new file when the current one does not exist anymore.
  • + "Remove Duplicate Lines" ($).
  • + when "Direct Scrolling" is enabled the cursor position will move in case the caret is out of sight. additionally you can now use CTRL + cursorkeys to scroll text directly.
  • + CTRL+SHIFT+Up/Down will now move current line up or down.
  • ! cancelling drag'n drop via ESC will not close jane anymore.
  • + "Quit On Escape" is optional now, you can turn if off in "Additional Options > Behaviour/Display".
  • * "Favourite Files" list in "Additional Options > History/Favourites" was losing drag'n drop capabilities in case you sorted the list.
  • + you now can delete whole text via CTRL+SHIFT+DEL/BS.
  • * adding a new font scheme did not "save" the current background color without setting it manually.
  • * small layout optimization on "Additional Options" for a better vista compatibility.
  • * small nsis setup changes for a better installation on vista for new users, creating the default .ini file, forwarding the storage of all settings in %APPDATA% instead of jane's programfolder.
  • ! installer now using application's icon.
  • - removed the different bitmap export pixelformats, saving as 24bit now.

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Beitrag von eierfeile » 29.08.09, 20:53

aktuell: v1.60 (23-Aug-2009)
download: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/download.php
changelog hat geschrieben:Jane v1.60 (23-Aug-2009)
  • v1.60 : [ 23.08.2009 ] { 879.104 bytes }
    + icons for menuitems "recently used files" and "favorite files".
    + the "Copy On Select" options on "Additional Options" now showing the
    general "Copy On Select" setting in the groupbox, to avoid misunder-
    * not quitting on ESC when mouse is currently pressed down on TMemo.
    + "Sort Lines" function.
    + you can configure all shortcuts to the ones you prefer for every
    single action, see "Additional Options > Behaviour / Display > Store
    * default menutimes now available under vista, too. they were not set
    before since they got invisible in the vista beta, but seems to work
    * suppressing "Cannot Open Clipboard" message on startup in case the
    clipboard is locked by other applications.
    ! hint for beta testers: the colored TRFSMemo has been abandoned since
    it was a bit too slow (and still flickering).

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 28.02.10, 18:48

v1.61 : [ 23.01.2010 ]

! changing "autosize width" and "wordwrap" with the other option set will give a messagebox,
since both settings won't work at the same time.
* "autosize width" fails on multimonitor systems, setting jane to min. width allowed instead of needed size.
- both issues reported by steve. * the system menu didn't contain "move" until now.
! "Copy Line" from context menu available for unregistered users, too.
! update announce's form width corrected.
! checking chosen font charset when starting up, correcting it in case an invalid charset was given.
! search replace/replace with boxes now containing the latest items in first place. some kind of refactoring this unit ;)
* previous versions did not find files in case they were located in a single hidden
(sub)directory or a subfolder contained a dot on first place. this is the oldest bug ever found
- existing since recursion has been implemented in v1.04 (and has been detected when developing RekSFV v1.52).
! a better working "Both Left And Right Mouse Down Closes jane" feature.
+ context popup menu now has new online search features. it will query selected text or word
under the cursor. you can set your favourite searchengines in the advanced options.
main menu has this feature as well, but only for selected text. take care to use %s somewhere
for the queried text in the specified url.
+ new option "Delete Additional CR/LF At The End Of The File.", to get rid of all the empty
lines at the bottom of some files. you can configure this via the "Additional Options > File Options
! SHIFT+CTRL+Mousewheel will browse files, same as the < and > buttons in the main menu
(if anyone misses it since removing it in v1.56, at least we did :)
! minor code cosmetics.

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Re: Jane 1.67 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

Beitrag von Gordon » 25.09.13, 17:05

v1.68 : [ 23.09.2013 ] { 901.632 bytes }
# small cosmetic to url detection.
# new commandline parameters like pos/size/viewer etc.
# less messages in case your jane.ini is writeprotected.
- all requested by Göran.
* windows osk is now working better with jane (quit/close issue).
- reported by Göran.
# added a selected/total word value display in statusbar.
- requested by Moz.
* cancelled dragndrop operations were irritating other functions.
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Re: Jane 1.68 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

Beitrag von Gordon » 24.06.14, 17:56

jane v1.69 has been released today- a major change is the colored hyperlinks/hotwords feature - we're quite sure you will like it.
FCK Klimawandel

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Re: Jane 1.69 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

Beitrag von Gordon » 25.05.16, 17:53

yep, we're still alive - somehow. :D
jane (cosmetics) have been updated today
FCK Klimawandel

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Re: Jane 1.70 (TXT-, NFO-, DIZ-Editor mit Autocopy und mehr)

Beitrag von Gordon » 17.05.18, 17:37

jane v1.72 has been released today, get it here! small changes (e.g. search text is highlighted) and some bugs got fixed, enjoy! still trying to port old delphi6 code to xe2 ... stay tuned.
FCK Klimawandel