pdfsam basic 4.01 - Rotieren, Splitten und Mischen von PDF-Dateien

Erstellen und Bearbeiten von PDFs

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Re: pdfsam basic 4.0 - Rotieren, Splitten und Mischen von PDF-Dateien

Beitrag von Gordon » 13.01.19, 9:16

4.0.1 Added a -verbose argument to get more information from the application
Msi signed with SHA256
Msi built for 64-bit arch since PDFsam doesn't work on 32-bit anymore
Fixed system property name to disable Settings panel to org.pdfsam.disable.settings.panel
When saving files password in the workspace file they are now encrypted and not plain text anymore
Start scripts now check if PDFSAM_JAVA_PATH exists and not only if it's defined
Salve and Load workspace both remember the latest used filename and they use it as predefined/suggested filename
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