NSIS Nullsoft 3.04 Installer-System + Frontend

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NSIS Nullsoft 3.04 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von RIP » 31.12.01, 16:18



nsis forum

bekannte proggis die den installer verwenden: http://www.nullsoft.com/free/nsis/users.html

SuperPiMP? technology (so advanced, so amazing, we won't even tell you what it is).
Generates self contained, win32 executable installer.
Uninstall support (installer can automagically generate an uninstaller)
Optional installer self-verification using a CRC32.
Compression choices of zlib or bzip2 based compression. The installer can compress everything together, or individually.
Approximately 20-40k overhead over compressed data size (depending on features enabled, compression algorithm, and so on - the default options are ~35k).
Ability to display a license agreement.
Ability to detect destination directory from the registry, and let the user override (or not let them)
Customizable appearance (background, icons, text, checkmarks)
Multiple install configurations (usually Minimal, Typical, Full), and custom configuration
Plug-in system (includes plug-ins for generic dialog construction and user interaction, as well as HTTP downloading)
Installers can be as large as 2GB (theoretically -- when building on Win9x the limit seems to be around 500MB, however building on NT then installing on Win9x works with larger sizes)
Optional Silent mode for automated installations
Installers have their own VMs that let you write code that can support:
File extraction (with configurable overwrite parameters)
File/directory copying, renaming, deletion
DLL loading (ActiveX control registration/deregistration, extension DLL calling, etc)
Executable execution (shell execute and wait options)
Shortcut creation
Registry key reading/setting/enumerating/deleting
INI file reading/writing
Generic text file reading/writing
Directory scanning
Powerful string and integer manipulation
Window finding based on class name or title (for is-application-running detection)
Window message sending.
User interaction with MessageBox.
Branching, comparisons, etc.
Error checking.
Installer behaviour commands (such as show/hide/wait/etc)
User functions in script
Callback functions that let you customize the way the installer behaves from script.
Macros in script
A primitive preprocessor
A lovely coding experience with elements of PHP and assembly (includes 20 general purpose variables, a stack, real flow control, etc)
Completely free for any use
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Beitrag von RIP » 20.06.02, 17:14

nsis workbench

frontend für nsis -> http://www.techmarc.co.uk/fnsis.htm

dl: http://www.techmarc.co.uk/fnsis1011.exe ( v1.0.1.1 )


nsis express ( frontend )


dl: Thu Jun 20 17:12:40 2002 Location: http://xdeeva.pirantika.com/nsisxsetup.exe


superpimp wizard ( noch ne gui )


dl: http://manavmax.tripod.com/zip/super_pimp_wizard.exe
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Beitrag von ulli » 15.10.02, 2:55

Ich habe mich gerade mal im Nullsoft Forum umgesehen und folgenden
Beitrag entdeckt:

A new GUI for 2.0a7 and 2.0b0

http://gui.dpaehl.de/ und [url]http: ... ojects/nne scheint mir nur ein einfacher Editor zu sein. Oder ein besserer Notepad.

Die Gui NSIS ist ein Wizard und sogar Opensource. Habe mir das Teil mal angesehen. Leider hat er die Doku, ist in Deutsch, noch nicht an die akuelle Version angepasst.


Beitrag von dpaehl » 15.07.03, 11:12

neue Version des Frontends:



und ein neues Programm.
Editor for NSIS version 2.0b4 with synchighlight and some powerfull options.


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Beitrag von likeatim » 20.07.03, 1:34


Beitrag von dpaehl » 28.01.04, 11:35

Die meisten Fronend funktionieren nicht mehr richtig, oft gar nicht mit der neuen Version.

Hier mal kurz Fronends die mit der NSIS 2.0 arbeiten.

http://www.paehl.de/gui (kürzer http://gui.dpaehl.de)
Schnell und einfach ein Script mit der Modern UI erstellen.
Hier gibt es auch den NSIS-EDITOR. Wird noch an die neue Version angepasst werden.

Oder wem das zu wenig ist:

Ein sehr umfangreicher Editor mit WIZARD. Mir persönlich zu umfangreich.

GUI NSIS und dieser Editor sind beide OPENSOURCE und in Delphi geschrieben, heißt beide sind sehr gut und es ist für jeden was dabei.

Es gibt zwar noch einige andere, die sind aber entweder komplett eingestellt oder nur ein besserer Highlight Editor. Wer nur sowas sucht kann auch diesen nehmen: http://www.paehl.de/tidy unterstützt nehmen HTML/PHP/NSIS/INNO noch etliche andere Highlights

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 18.03.07, 17:59

Weiteres Frontend: SFX Tool v1.01 (2006-Jan-28)
http://mulder.dummwiedeutsch.de/home/?p ... ts#sfxtool

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Beitrag von CoRLiS » 22.01.09, 16:58

NSIS 2.42 - [20. Dezember 2008]
NSIS 2.42 is released. This release includes a new simpler and more powerful
plug-in API, vastly improved and thoroughly tested version of WinVer.nsh, and
disposes of two great evils - /NOUNLOAD and useful header functions usage
declaration. As usual and especially for the holiday season, the customary
collection of bug fixes and minor improvements is also included free of charge.

Release Notes

* Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah!
* Plug-in developers should check out the new plug-in API in
Examples\Plugin and convert their plug-ins, especially in case they
require staying loaded.

Major Changes

* Deprecated /NOUNLOAD and SetPluginsUnload to make scripts simpler and
safer (patch #1912699)
* Useful header functions no longer require usage declaration and different
syntax for uninstaller functions
* Revamped plug-in API now comes in the form of pluginapi.lib, API version
information and more common functions (patch #2359978)

Minor Changes

* Added !searchreplace preprocessor command for compiletime text search/
* Added support for registration of EXE COM servers (RFE #2315740)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #2386821)
* nsDialogs: Added timer support (patch #2135855)
* WinVer.nsh: Added IsServer, IsWin2003R2, IsStarterEdition,
OSHasMediaCenter and OSHasTabletSupport (patch by Anders)
* WinVer.nsh: Fixed 95/NT4 ambiguity (bug #2053642)
* WinVer.nsh: Proper Windows XP x64 detection (bug #2053700)
* WinVer.nsh: Windows 2008 detection support (RFE #1949260)


* Minor English grammar improvements (bug #2323452)

Build System

* Full System compatibility with GCC (patch #2193442)

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Beitrag von neotomax » 11.02.09, 10:18

NSIS 2.43 - [5. Februar 2009]
NSIS 2.43 is released. This release resolves build issues for some platforms,
improves on last version's new plug-in API a bit and includes the usual bag
full of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Release Notes

* A few minor changes were made to the new plug-in API that break backward
compatibility. Header and library paths were changed and
RegisterPluginCallback has changed its return value.

Minor Changes

* Added WinCore.nsh, WinDef.nsh, WinError.nsh, WinNT.nsh and WinUser.nsh
for more useful Windows definitions
* Fixed a crash caused by !packhdr compressing resources (bug #2533431)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #2564005)
* Modern UI 2: Fixed MUI_DIRECTORYPAGE_BGCOLOR (bug #2494528)

Utilities and Plug-ins

* Banner: Fixed installer showing on the background when Banner was used in
* MakeNSISW: Added Ctrl+K hotkey for build cancelation (RFE #2557392)
* nsDialogs: Added NSD_SetIcon (patch #2500960)


* Added Esperanto
* Bulgarian fixes

Plug-in API

* Added VS2008 project files
* Better installation of header and library files under POSIX - see INSTALL
file for more information
* Header and library files were moved to a subdirectory named nsis to
prevent collisions
* RegisterPluginCallback now returns int instead of BOOL for a wider range
of error reporting

Build System

* Added fink's mingw prefixes (bug #2495138)
* Fixed BOOL build issue on OS X (bug #2497290)
* Fixed iconv dependency detection on OS X (bug #2494539)
* Fixed Solaris builds (patch #2497172)
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Beitrag von wiegmann » 22.02.09, 18:14

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Beitrag von hylli » 09.06.09, 8:25

Neue Version 2.45 (07.06.09).

Wichtigste Neuerung: Support für Windows 7

Release Notes: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/rn/688043
DL: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Download


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Beitrag von Gordon » 13.12.09, 13:49

neue Version 2.46 - in erster Linie Bugfixes
F.1.1.1 Minor Changes

* Fixed !searchparse (bug #2803622)
* Fixed Vista error message when canceling uninstaller (bug #2803097)
* Resolve warning for LogicLib's endless Do..Loop (bug #2849872)
* StartMenu: fixed random number prefixes when clicking on an empty spot (bug #2810188)
* Updates to NSIS.pas for plug-in development (patch #2802794)
DL: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page
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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 2.46 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von Gordon » 14.10.14, 19:57

gerade ist die erste Betaversion 3.0 erschienen
F.1.2.1 Major Changes

!insertmacro allows macro recursion (RFE #497)
Added !makensis command
Added new MUI2 bitmap stretch modes, *_NOSTRETCH is now deprecated (RFE #521)
InitiateShutdown is used to reboot the machine if available (patch #247)
Added PPO and SafePPO preprocess-only compiler switches
MakeNSIS WM_COPYDATA messages now use the QH_OUTPUTCHARSET encoding with CP_ACP as the default for compatibility with old IDEs.
F.1.2.2 Minor Changes

Added IsWow64 to x64.nsh
Added PEDllCharacteristics attribute
Added System::Call direct register memory access type. (patch #249)
Added WX compiler switch
Allow skipping ExDLL build with SKIPPLUGINS ((patch #254))
Changed default DllCharacteristics to TS_AWARE+NO_SEH+NX_COMPAT+DYNAMIC_BASE
Fixed Mac OS X builds (patch #253 and bug #1085)
Fixed POSIX !searchparse bug (patch #251)
Fixed !macroundef
Fixed test-code build target on POSIX and enabled it in nightly builds (bug #1098)
Fixed Visual Studio 2012 builds
F.1.2.3 Translations
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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 2.46 / 3.0 beta 1 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von hylli » 14.10.14, 20:34

Wow, nach 5 Jahren mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen. ;)


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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 2.46 / 3.0 beta 1 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von Gordon » 10.12.15, 18:27

kleinere Bugfixe für Version 2.47, die 3er Linie ist seit August in Beta 2
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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 2.51/ 3.0 RC2 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von Gordon » 28.07.16, 17:49

FCK Klimawandel

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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 3.0 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von Gordon » 25.07.17, 17:35

FCK Klimawandel

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Re: NSIS Nullsoft 3.02 Installer-System + Frontend

Beitrag von klodeckel » 30.01.18, 8:07

v3.03 vom 29.01.2018
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