ArsClip v. 5.30 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

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ArsClip v. 5.30 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von JohnDoe » 21.01.07, 19:35

Name: ArsClip v3.0.0 (12-Jan-2007)
Grösse: 595 kbyte
Download: hier
Screenshot: hier
Standalone? JA
Lauffähig ab: getestet ab Win98

ArsClip wurde schon an der ein oder anderen stelle im board erwähnt und wie ich finde hat es einen eigenen thread verdient. die feature liste ist recht umfangreich. um einen überblick zu bekommen am besten in der hilfe stöbern.

der author schein derzeit programmierfreudig. kaum nach veröffentlichung von version 3.0.0 gibts im beta bereich ArsClip v3.0.1 test 1 zum download.

Vergleichbare Programme: clipboard zwischenablage manager erweitern
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Beitrag von chriss » 13.02.07, 9:28

neue versionen!

arsclip gibts nun in der version 3.0.1

zu den neuerungen gehören eigentlich nur feinheiten im programm und die vista-fähigkeit


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Beitrag von catman » 17.03.07, 7:39

ArsClip 3.0.2 (15.03.2007)
New: "Flush Clipboard" system tray command
Fix: "Switch To" configuration option not loaded
Fix: -data command fix for 2 files
Fix: Edit window "sticking" when accelerator keys used on popup
Fix: "Maximum width" not loaded on restart
Fix: Broken chain detected, but not corrected

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 13.06.07, 9:31

aktuell: v3.0.3 (12-Jun-2007)
dl: ...
changelog hat geschrieben:Changes in v3.0.3 - Jun-12-07
  • New: Permanent Items edit window
  • New: added Help/About tab to Permanent Items
  • Fix: "All Items" not shown when no Permanent Items exist
  • Fix: Empty permanent item groups not shown

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 24.03.08, 11:37

aktuell: v3.1.0 (17-Feb-2008)
changelog hat geschrieben:ArsClip v3.1.0 (17-Feb-2008)
  • New: XP/Vista Theme Support
  • New: Updated look for the main popup and the system tray icon popup
  • New: Option to replace new formatted text clipboard items with plain text
  • New: "Edit Clipboard" sytem tray icon command
  • New: "Edit Selected" popup menu item
  • New: "Move to" right-click option for items on the Permanent Items window
  • New: Permanent Item edit window now has an option for saving the item to another group
  • New: Current Clipboard item shown when the system tray icon is clicked
  • New: Popup hotkey shown on tooltip when system tray icon hovered
  • New: Option to use a case sensative text item list
  • New: Included Removed Items in the "Move to first" when selected option
  • New: Option to show the Edit Item window instead of the popup when highlighted items are detected
  • New: Pressing Tab simulates pressing the cliptype icon on the main popup
  • New: "Application" keyboard key can be used instead of a right-click on menu items
  • Fix: Crash creating a permanent item when no default group exist
  • Fix: Ctrl+Click configuration option not loaded correctly
  • Fix: Improved the display speed of the tooltip when the item contains a very large amount of text
  • Fix: [Program Options->Shift+Insert] setting was not working
  • Fix: "Current" Permanent Group missing from popup under some configurations
  • Fix: Some Configuration items re-worded and re-organized
  • Fix: Hotkey was not being show on system tray's tooltip when "flashing" the icon setting disabled
  • Fix: Permanent Item name wasn't set when editing certain types of clips

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 19.06.08, 17:52

aktuell: v3.1.1 (16-Apr-2008)
changelog hat geschrieben:ArsClip v3.1.1 (16-Apr-2008)
  • New: Marker for the current text item on the clipboard
  • New: Experimental 'Clipboard Bar' system tray menu option
  • New: Option to set the smallest popup item height in pixels - default 16
  • New: Icons scaled to fit popup item height
  • New: Configuration option to disable the 'Copy Selected' operation for non-standard text controls [enabled by default]
  • Fix: Images copied in Internet Explorer detected as HTML instead of pictures
  • Fix: Tweaks for the colors on Win2K systems
  • Fix: Tweaks for Win2K and XP with basic theme
  • Fix: Rendering of 'System' item and checkboxes update on the popup
  • Fix: Tweaks to the left column and tooltip header colors to be more compatible with different OSes
  • Fix: Tooltip shown on tray icon click covered up the icon - interfering with further clicking
  • Fix: Current Permanent Items doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode, when configured not shown
  • Fix: "Last:" item doesn't need to be shown in Full Mode when empty
  • Fix: Tweaks to the 'Edit Selected' item to be more responsive and eliminate possible freezing
  • Fix: Duplicate line separators sometimes shown
  • Fix: 'Edit Selected' disabled for the desktop
  • Fix: 'Mimic Type' setting in Program Options menu item not working
  • Fix: The "Save to" group option only worked for existing items, not new items.

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 13.01.09, 1:44

ArsClip Version 3.1.2
joejoe Jan-12-09 4:47 PM CST

Changes in v3.1.2

Download ...

New: "Search" popup item
New: Recently Clicked popup submenu item [only shown when not empty]
New: Full/Configured Icon open "Show Order" configuration window
New: "Edit Permanent Items" added to submenu of All Items submenu and Switch To submenu
New: Edit button show on Popup for currently highlighted Permanent Item
New: Sound Enable is now a configuration item (requires registry write when enabled)

Fix: "Make Permanent" failed on the very first run
Fix: New popup menu items don't require a reset of the Show Order user configuration options
Fix: Clipboard Watcher causing constant monitoring refreshing
Fix: Shortcut key for "Last" is now reserved even when not currently shown
Fix: Using the Windows Key as hotkey could cause other hotkeys to execute
Fix: "Permission denied" message incorrectly shown for programs with no text fields
Fix: Dragged Permanent Items with keystrokes problem
Fix: "All Items" was not displayed if last group was empty
Fix: Menu item renamed to "Permanent Groups"
Fix: Right-Click on Non-text Items was not working

Special Note: The new sound configuration option makes it 99.9% portable. Only when enabled will ArsClip write
to theWindows registry. All other changes are stored on disk and will work with thumb drives and other portable media.

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Beitrag von gsing » 21.05.09, 10:26

ArsClip v3.1.3
New: Option to keep non-text items in a separate list
- Duplicate non-text clips now detected
New: Holding the right mouse button displays the popup
- RightClickDelay variable added to the ArsClip.ini text config file [defaults 600 milliseconds (0.6 seconds)]
- Added new "Program Options" setting to disable the right-click trigger for individual programs.
New: "Paste Selected" will combine and paste items as Unicode (when supported)
- Unicode text now displayed in "Paste Selected" dialog
New: "(Column Break)" item added to Show Order options

Fix: Workaround for crash when system tray icon triggered and display driver reset
- "OldTrayPopup" configuration option added to ArsClip.ini text file
Fix: Permanent Item global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: Errors when copying large, complex items [from programs like Excel]
Fix: Problem with Text Items format configuration
Fix: "Replace formatted text with plaintext" would alter some non-text items, like file copies.
Fix: Some data left on Edit History dialog after "Flush Everything"
Fix: Optional setup program updated
Fix: Minor GUI fixes for the configuration window
Fix: Missing tooltip for Recently Clicked items
Fix: Mimic Typing now works with AltGr generated characters
Fix: Some global hotkeys incorrectly triggered by other programs/hardware
Fix: "Clear" hotkey button not working for editing a Permanent Item
DL: ...


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Re: ArsClip v3.1.3 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von chriss » 09.07.10, 8:42

update auf arsclip 3.1.4
New: Jump List support for Windows 7
New: Icon's re-vamped
New: POPUPITEM command in Permanent Items
New: Updated URL fix code to encode spaces for a legal URL

Fix: "replace formatted text with plaintext" option caused a crash
Fix: Clipboard Bar state saved
Fix: Unicode text sometimes falsely detected as duplicate
Fix: Right-Click hold trigger ignored when the mouse is moving [for drag operations]
Fix: Reworded clips to use the word "clip" instead of "item"
Fix: Right-Click on a Permanent Clip on the popup caused an error message
Fix: Mimic Typing speed increased
Fix: Search didn't wait until typings stopped before searching
Fix: The "undelete" item missing from the Recently Removed Clip's right click menu
Fix: Small tweaks to the system tray's menu
Fix: Removed unused "Refresh" system tray item for Vista or above systems


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Re: ArsClip v3.1.4 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von chriss » 30.11.11, 16:37

update auf 3.1.6

New: Trigger Window configuration option
New: Current popup history automatically saved every 10 minutes
New: 'Edit Clipboard' will now use your default text editor
New: Added an Edit Clipboard shortcut to the tooltip shown when left clicking the system tray icon
New: 'Destroy Item' added to right-click menu

Fix: Popup uses mouse position when target window doesn't correctly report the Caret position
Fix: Tweaked the Search window to try to reduce ignored keystrokes
Fix: Windows launched from Jumplist did not always appear in foreground
Fix: Workaround for popup menu position problems with maximized windows
Fix: Updated the CLIPBRD command to work with the RUN command in Permanent Clips
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Re: ArsClip v3.1.6 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von poiuz » 08.01.12, 19:57

Version 3.2.0 vom 4.1.2012
New: Configuration window reworked and categorized
New: Default popup view simplified for new installs
New: User defined Shift+Select and Ctrl+Select keystroke configuration options
New: External Editor support for text and picture clips
New: Clip size shown on tooltip hint
New: Option to use Virtual Desktop for the Trigger Window
New: Tooltip Hint will grow to show larger clips when hovered for longer

Fix: Configuration displayed by default when second instance is run
Fix: Configuration screen not displayed in foreground in some instances
Fix: System menu on popup showed old icons
Fix: 'Current' popup menu item not cleared correctly
Fix: Tweaks and fixes to the Clipboard Bar window
Fix: 'Edit Selected' popup menu item was not always working in Full Mode
Fix: Wrong icon sometimes shown on Program Options popup menu item
Fix: Configuration window shown on taskbar when opened

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Re: ArsClip v3.2.0 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von poiuz » 09.02.12, 11:03

Version 3.2.1 vom 6.2.2012
New: Revamped Edit History/Removed Clips window
- added RichText preview support
- changed clip display format
- combined Edit History and Recently Removed windows into one
- added a Configuration button
New: Revamped Search window
- improved positioning
- keystrokes labeled
- status messages correctly displayed while searching
New: Revamped Permanent Clip new/edit window
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>History]
New: Created a new configuration category [Clipboard>Sound]
New: Sound options no longer require a registry write and are portable

Fix: Removed Items sometimes shown as empty
Fix: Changing the Removed Clips queue size could incorrectly remove clips
Fix: Fixed Find dialog issues under Removed Clips
Fix: Tweaks to the Tooltip Popup hotkeys
Fix: Sound not played if clip is the exact same as the last
Fix: UAC Admin detection added since ArsClip cannot paste directly into these programs
Fix: Old registry settings removed when sound option is disabled
Fix: Improved the External Editor routine

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Re: ArsClip v3.2.1 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Gordon » 02.04.12, 17:17

Changes in v4.0.0

New: (Popup) completely redesigned popup window
- Expandable Menus
- new Clip Menu window for editing clips
- drag-and-drop reordering
- Menu key/Application key and Delete key support
- whitespace is replace with symbols for clip captions
- improved the default starting state for a new installation
- accelerator key duplicates prevented
- optional double-height Popup Clip menus

- updated items relating to the new popup
- removed no longer needed options
- (Popup>Menu Order) some menus renamed
- (Popup>Menu Order) - 'Show Preview' button to visualize any changes
- (Popup>Show Options) added a Double Height option
- (Popup>Show Options) option to disable empty menu items instead of hiding them

New:(arsclip.ini file) new section for accelerator keys
New:(Paste Selected Text) window reworked
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UPDATE: ArsClip 4.0.2 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von @thehop » 19.05.12, 22:00

joejoe May-17-12 4:05 PM

Changes in v4.0.2

Download ...

- popup now scrolled when larger than the screen height
- partial pictures clips displayed on Popup Clips
- added an Alt keypress function for accelerator keys to paste as formatted text

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- clip icon added to window for RichText, HTML, and Files

New:(Trigger Window)
- window is now dragable on the bottom-left corner

New:(Permanent Clips)
- added 'Place on Clipboard Only' Command

New: added 'snap to' behavior to the Trigger Window and Clipboard Bar

Fix(Popup) ... bla ...
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Re: ArsClip v4.5 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von PSi-Tronic » 22.10.12, 14:27

ArsClip Version 4.5 (15.10.2012)


Download: ...


- Popup Clips can now be pinned to the popup

New:(Clip Menu)
- updated visuals
- added support for pinned clips

New:(About Window)
- added button to check for new versions

- Option to use Picture clip when both a Picture and Text clip are detected

- issues pasting pictures
- 'Edit Clip' routine not working on WinXP
- popup somtimes closing when using the Alt key for a hotkey
- WinXP submenu display issue
- issue displaying empty submenus

Fix:(Clip Menu)
- minor visual changes

Fix:(Permanent Clips Window)
- minor visual changes

- intermittent issue when loading the program on a stressed system

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Re: ArsClip v4.5 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Jean » 09.01.13, 22:22

aktuell bei v. 4.7, inzwischen neu
- option for middle mouse button click actions
- Popup color options
- new [Paste ... > As File] option
- Command to delete a PopupClip
- arsclip.ini option TXTProgram for specifying editing program
- arsclip.ini option BMPProgram for specifying editing program

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Re: ArsClip v. 4.7 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Jean » 01.03.13, 0:04

aktuell bei v. 4.9
New:(Popup) - significant performance improvements
New:(Tooltip) - added footer for clip information
New:(Configuration>Show Options) - option to disable thumbnails for Picture Clips
New:(Permanent Clips) - new [TRIMCLIPBOARD] command to remove leading and trailing spaces

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Re: ArsClip v. 4.9 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Jean » 28.06.13, 1:16

aktuell ist 4.11
- enhanced shortcut keys for keyboard users
- improved color support
- improved icon visuals
- various other visual improvements
- improved the color settings under 'Display Options'
- new 'Jump List' settings page added
- 'Tooltip Hint' option for showing header/footer
New:(Permanent Clips Windows)
- new Edit Clipboard commands
- made windows more keyboard friendly
- current group is now shown on edit window

... und weniger Fehler

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Re: ArsClip v. 4.11 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Jean » 10.10.13, 23:07

v. 4.13, weniger Fehler und
New:(Clipboard Bar)
- added Drag and Drop support
- added Toolbar right-click toggle
- added a Tooltip
- added click support
- added UTF-8 support for HTML clips
New:(Permanent Clips)
- existing clips converted to new file format
NOTES: The program will automatically convert existing clips files on the first run for the Popup Clips, Removed Clips, and Permanent Clips.

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Re: ArsClip v. 4.13 - Erweiterung der Zwischenablage / Clipboard

Beitrag von Jean » 02.06.14, 23:41

v. 4.16, u.a.:
- re-organized settings for easier navigation
- new [Popup>Position] settings

New:(Permanent Clips/Macros)
- reworked the Commands menu

- added experimental mouse wheel support

New:(Clipboard Bar)
- visibility options
- height changed when toolbar toggled
- more state information saved