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Online Armor 6.0 Free - Firewall

Beitrag von CWagner » 08.11.07, 6:42

Name: Online Armor Free
Grösse: 15MByte
Lizenz: Freeware
Screenshot: /
Standalone? Joa
Admin-Rechte nötig? Klar^^
Lauffähig: NT, 2000, XP (NICHT Vista)

Da die Commodo Firewall in letzter Zeit bei mir BSOD's verursacht hat, habe ich mal bei ... esults.php geschaut, welche PF noch sehr gute ergebnisse hat. Und siehe da, in der neusten Version ist eine PFW dabei von der ich noch nie was gehört hatte:) und das sogar auf Platz 1:)

Im Test:
Am Anfang wird ein Wizard geladen, der Autostart und Startmenu durchsucht, und versucht Programme zu zu ordnen. Alles was sich nicht zuordnen lässt kann man entweder direkt erlauben/verbieten oder auf Fragezeichen lassen um bei Bedarf gefragt zu werden.
Im Betrieb scheint es soweit stabil zu laufen und bringt einen sehr übersichtlichen Activity Monitor mit.
Mal sehen wie das Teil über zeit läuft:)

Comparison Chart der versch. Versionen

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 22.01.08, 23:19

Laufstabil und übersichtlich - solche Tools mag ich! :) Update vom Januar 2008 ...
Online Armor Free

Version is a bug fixing release.
Erfahrungsbericht eines Users in folgendem Forum ->

EDIT: In der Freeversion keine Anti-Keylogger Funktion.
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Beitrag von vap.coder » 23.01.08, 20:47

Nur das das Anti-Keylogging-Feature in der kostenlosen Version nicht verfügbar, ist ;)

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 23.01.08, 23:20

Stimmt 8O - war mir nicht aufgefallen - immerhin sind die "Restfunktionen" einigermaßen brauchbar.

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Beitrag von GDay » 20.02.08, 10:41


Online Armor FREE:
Release - 19th February 2008

Resizeable GUI
Remove Spamshield.
Multiple Desktop Support.
Fixed bug with uninstall protection
Added hotkeys disable option
Autoruns Enhancement - The scope of protection has been significantly enhanced in Online Armor - (Thanks to Tony Klein)
Additional scan during SCW added (folders where start menu items reside).

Safety Check Wizard
Realtime update during Safety Check Wizard
Faster Saving
Deeper, more thorough scan

OASIS (Online Armor Software Information Service) has been significantly updated. OASIS is our files database and in previous versions of Online Armor it was woefully out of date because it relied almost completely on manual effort - including updating the servers. OASIS2 provides the users with this data whether or not the file has been assessed, information about what the program does, how many users have seen it and some information about what it does. This is accessible as a search on the website (all users).

When a program runs that is unknown - you can click the "more" button to get the OASIS results for it. This might help the user decide what to do as it provides aggregate information about what the other users did.
You can also right click inside programs ---> File Information ---> More to get information out of OASIS.

Optimized Performance for Torrents - users complained that when using bittorrent, firewall processing created slowdowns. This issue has been comprehensively corrected. You should not see slowdowns caused by Online Armor Firewall.

Automatic Network Identification(Interfaces) - previously all interfaces were lumped in as one. Now, OA will allow interfaces to be selectively trusted/not trusted. This caters for the case of the road warrior that may plug into trusted/public networks. This now also includes VPN interfaces.

Computers Tab - Computers on the network are automatically detected and listed. It is possible to override on a computer by computer basis the trust status. For example, you could have an untrusted network - with two computers plugged into it that you trust. (or vice versa)

Manage Windows Firewall during OA Install - If the windows firewall is active, it will be disabled. If Online Armor firewall is removed, windows firewall will be reactivated.

Added firewall log viewer

Block network connection on boot (optional)

Firewall Logs are defaulted to "Off"

Bugfix - ICMP traffic is now blockable per application.

Program Guard
Install Mode added .
Allow blocking of trusted programs.

Runsafer - Added the ability for the user "Safer" program normally, or a normal program "Safer" from inside program guard (rather than have them force the setting change, if for example, they want to use a program temporarily with admin rights)

CPU Limiter added to control runaway processes; CPU Affinitity control to show which processor a program may use.

Release 16 November 2007

Fixed - Slow Shutdown after Safety Check Wizard on install.
Fixed - Slow boot Problem - Fixed problem some users had with slow initial boots after installing Online Armor Free.
Improved - Drivers start detection
Fixed - IE extensions show filename properly (including referenced by CLSID)
Fixed - Grid deleting lines changed current scroll position
Fixed - Trusted programs can be properly blocked at the firewall.
Fixed - random BSOD 0x7F (double fault subfunction)
Fixed - conflict with Artificial Dynamics "SafeSpace"
Fixed - Popups not rendering correctly sometimes on Windows 2003 Server
Some updates to help file (more to come)
Internal Stability improvements.
Conflict Fixed - Now works with anonymiser
Fixed - No Disk problem when install from CD/DVD
Added - Install Mode option on Program guard popup
Added - "Block all traffic" option

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Beitrag von el_cowboy » 08.03.08, 21:59

Online Armor FREE:

Release - 27th February 2008

This is the "service release" for Online Armor which should fix the issues we didn't catch in time for 85. It should fix up the following couple of issues:

1) Hosts bug (location, missing)
2) Bugfix: Sometimes wrong process identification
3) An Access violation in OAUI
4) Extended options (add to empty list) shall now save correctly
5) Accurate History sort order History

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Online Armor free

Beitrag von setiman » 18.05.08, 9:37

-Online Armor free ist draussen

Changelog: ... y.php?f=21
(letzter Eintrag)

Release - 18th April 2008

Fixed: An oamon BSOD
Fixed: Block during boot/OA Settings
Fixed: Install mode improved to reduce popups
Fixed: Some Access Violations reported by user
Fixed: OA Settings can become corrupted, causing Safety Check Wizard to rerun.

This build is probably best installed manually, due to potential for corrupted settings

Release - 14th April 2008

Fixed: Green border consistency now shows status, not setting
Fixed: Starting default browser from OA goes to homepage, not target
Fixed: AV in country list
Fixed: Additional "storage integrity control" for settings
Fixed: BSOD in oamon driver

Release - 7th April 2008

Fixed: "Run Safer" may not work depending on parent program
Fixed: Deleted program settings are remembered
Added: Double-clicking OA icon with GUI open will activate it
Fixed: Activation Keys Issue (evaluation key registration problems!)
Added: Stop pendingrename (delete) of OA main files
Fixed: Explorer Error
Fixed: Double Pinned Item on start menu
Fixed: breakout2 test failed in certain condition
Fixed: OA can be terminated in certain conditions (APT Kill 7)
Fixed: Internal bug which could cause process misidentification when program guard is de-activated.
Added: Prototype "Green Border" added around programs that have run-safer selected.
Improved: Protection of OA registry Keys
Changed: New button styles
Fixed: Internal testing bugs and crash of OA reported by testers
Fixed: Com files scanned properly on start (AV+)
Added: Additional commandline processing

Release - 25th March 2008

It should fix up the following couple of issues:

1) Scan process starts in the wrong session issue
2) Firewall re-enable bug
3) Delay with huge avi and iso is corrected
4) Timeout on shutdown (limited account) is fixed
5) Backup does not save FW data is fixed
6) Exception on shutdown in some cases is fixed
7) MS driver verifier - fixed
Several potential for BSOD are fixed.
9) Fix bug which prevent several leaktest from passing.
10) Reduced instance of explorer error Thought this was fixed.

Release - 14th March 2008

This is the "service release" for Online Armor which should fix the issues we didn't catch in time for 85/95.

It should fix up the following couple of issues:

1) Hosts bug (location, missing hosts file can cause error)
2) Bugfix: Sometimes wrong process identification
3) An Access violation in OAUI
4) Possible OAdriver BSODs are fixed
5) "SmartSeek" in grids activated
6) Allow default browser to be untrusted
7) Improved data restore (all valid data should be restored)
Desktop Switch (ScreenSaver) - fixed
9) Fix bug with lower services priority in case HIPS is disabled
10) Installer and all the modules are digitally signed
11) Fixes the excessive handle consumption noted by some people,
12) Additional self-protection features.
13) Taskbar "Close" button now just hides UI to tray
14) Exception message : Control 'PnlEditor' has no parent window. - fixed
15) Find dialog wording fixed
16) Several potential leak methods are catered for[*]
17) "Trusted app wants to run" bug - fixed
1 ScRegSetValueExW access denied - fixed
19) When deleting a rule program is silently allowed to run (or blocked) with no chance to correct it - now rule will be re-created if needed.[*] We don't disclose the actual leaks method because many firewalls do not catch them.

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Beitrag von catman » 10.10.08, 20:51

Online Armor (09.10.2008)
New: Popup when new network is detected
New: Loopback in standard mode, and OA Free
New: A new "Trust" option on popups
New: Direct disk access control
New: MAC control - added (MAC addrs should fit to IEEE list to filter invalid Mac address)
New: Cookie Cutter– activate deactivate cookie cutter rule (default off) is available on the my
New: websites options page.
New: Program guard - New buttons to manage Trust Level, and Run Safer level
New: Program guard - new filter for "Show deleted items"
New: "Filter by" option on firewall status screen
New: Update Checking added in free version
New: SCW, All trusted mode
New: Installers now have an upgrade option
New: OA now allows management of the HOSTS file
New: Limited optional multidesktop support returned (default= off)
New: Excluded file types for AV scan
New: Orange pop-up on execution of items detected by Kaspersky as "not-a-virus"
New: AV Options added
New: AV Scheduler added
New: Vista 32bit Support
Improved: Many internal optimizations and tweaks
Improved: Many minor cosmetic changes and annoyances fixed
Improved: Cookie cutter detects more cookies
Improved: OA will automatically restart if it crashes
Improved: Blacklist processing enhanced
Improved: Keylogger detection - webcam keylogger detection added, false positives reduced
Improved: Boot splash logo removed
Improved: Network computers detection
Improved: Painting imroved to decrease flickering when resizing setup forms
Improved: Autoruns monitoring enhanced (Thanks to Tony Klein)
Improved: Firewall logging (events filter)
Fixed: Several BSoD, crash, and hang issues
Fixed: Many Web Shield fixes and optimizations
Fixed: Many cosmetic tweaks and fixes
Fixed: Program could appear multiple time in program guard
Fixed: Autoruns folder failed to open in AV+
Fixed: Free version confuses with advanced mode pseudo-switching
Fixed: Sometime you can see junk in the autorun popup
Fixed: Import "sites.sav" file to My Websites doesn't work
Fixed: "Run OA At Startup" cannot be disabled
Fixed: Learning mode issue after restore install
Fixed: "File system scan is done" message issue
Fixed: Blacklist issues
Fixed: Trust notification during file scan
Fixed: oaui.exe is autoallowed internet access
Fixed: Vista Hosts file strange entry (::1) handled (caused exception if attempted to edit)
Fixed: Endpoint editor tuned (doesn't reset input addrs now)
Fixed: Locked GUI allowed popups when opened in different account
Fixed: Sudden reboot after upgrade
Fixed: Sleep and hibernate issues
Fixed: IE7 start delay
Fixed: Hide Trusted works incorrectly after using "Only Deleted"
Fixed: Phide rootkit bypassing OA
Fixed: High CPU usage after updating very large HOSTS file
Fixed: Cancel button doesn't work in BL range editor when fields are empty
Fixed: Text truncated on installer Welcome dialog with high-DPI fonts
Fixed: Hosts loader excceeds 100%
Fixed: Blacklist processing issues
Fixed: Firewall status window context menu closing OA control panel
Fixed: Firewall log window position
Fixed: Parent/process misidentification error fixed
Fixed: Visual bug in keyloggers tab when deleting multi-selected records (resulting in "record
not found" error)
Fixed: Incoming connections fail when endpoint restrictions are set
Fixed: Black background shows when deleting item from the Programs list
Fixed: Blacklist not working for incoming connections
Fixed: FTP uploads freeze FTP client
Fixed: DNS API issue

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Beitrag von bollino » 21.07.09, 21:53

Aktuelle Version:

Online Armor Personal Firewall (free)


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Beitrag von catman » 04.11.09, 18:46

Online Armor Free (04.11.2009)
Windows 7 Support added (32-bit only for now)
Fixed many cosmetic adjustments and inconsistencies in GUI
CL: ... php?t=6308

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Re: Online Armor Free - Firewall

Beitrag von Gordon » 30.08.10, 17:26

neue Version 4.5 vom August 2010 - jetzt auch 64bit-kompatibel
General changes:

* Online Armor installer contains all 3 Editions (Free, Premium, ++) and all languages.
* An expired trial version converts to Free version.
* Online Armor now officially supports Windows 7 64-bit.
* Mail Shield has been removed.
* Web Shield is available in Free version.
DL: ... r-free.php
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Re: Online Armor 4.5 Free - Firewall

Beitrag von likeatim » 14.02.12, 17:21

UPDATE: Version (10.02.2012) ist aktuell
Changelog: ... -released/

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Re: Online Armor Free - Firewall

Beitrag von Gordon » 05.10.12, 15:29

neue Version 6.0, die Veränderungen aus der Betaphase sind hier zu finden: ... erfuegbar/
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