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Bug Fixes 6.3.1813 - 5th June 2017

Program crash when retention rules deletes several hundred split files
A program error could occur when several hundred split image files are deleted during retention rule deletion. This has been resolved.
Program crash when re-loading the disk layout view after a clone
Some customers have experienced a program error post cloning. This has been resolved.
Various bug fixes
Additional unspecified bug fixes are included in this release.

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v. 7.1.2602 - jetzt auch kommerziell nutzbar
Now licensed for commercial as well as personal use
Improved auto verification speed
Additional Scheduled task conditions
New backup engine
Virtual Image Boot
Windows 10 Task Scheduler compatibility

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v7.1.3147 - 17th April 2018

Macrium Image Guardian
The Macrium Image Guardian system components have been updated to provide enhanced performance and reliability.
Backup definition encryption state change mid backup set
Macrium Reflect will now start a new backup set if the encryption settings in a Backup Definition is changed.
Bug Fixes

Technicians Portable USB Add Drivers
The Add Drivers Wizard in the technicians portable USB stick could fail to detect the correct version of Windows PE when reporting supported devices. This has been resolved
File and Folder Restore toast notifications
When restoring File and Folder backups, incorrect toast notifications could be displayed. This has been resolved
SQL backup error if the Computer DNS name is greater than 15 characters
For SQL backup, if the default SQL instance name was used and the Computer DNS name didn't match the Computer NetBios name then the backup could fail. This has been resolved
Pressing the 'Escape' key while viewing ReflectMonitor would cause termination of the ReflectMonitor session. This would cause a delay when restarting and possible loss of log data in the monitor Window. This has been resolved
Various bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.

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v. 7.1.3196 - Incremental & Differential Image Corruption
Incremental and Differential images created since 17th April using Macrium Reflect v7.1.3147, 3159 or 3169 could be corrupt if the Changed Block Tracker (CBT) driver was involved in the Image creation.
This has been resolved.

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