TurboNavigator v1.47: Filemanager

Explorer-Ersatz, Medien-Kataloge, Dateien-Umbenenner, usw.

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Update auf Version 1.47

Turbo Navigator v1.47:

No disk in drive error dialog removed. Turbo Navigator now displays the error message within file panel view allowing you to select another drive or type in a new location.

Automatic disk insertion added. When you inser or eject the media that sends notification to the system (like CD), Turbo Navigator will automatically display new content if the drive was in view on either panel.
Turbo Navigator will now auto-recover from the error message mentioned above if the CD is inserted while the message is displayed.

Disk monitor added allowing you to monitor disk activity in real time. Useful for monitoring installation programs or other processes that generates traffic on the disk. Find it in Disk > Disk monitor...

Some minor UI changes and fixes.

Minor bug fixes.

Some of most exciting features include:

Full Drag and Drop capability
Built-in file viewer for text, RTF and binary files
System Tree View for both panels - able to mimic Windows Explorer
Advanced change attributes capability (recurse subdirectories, ability to change System attribute, ability to change Created/Modified/Accessed file time/date stamp)
Copy speed display
Advanced filtering capability (in file panels and in basic operations like copy, move and delete)
Built in Split/Combine function
Built-in favorites for quick directory change
Ability to wipe the files from the disk so they can not be undeleted
Fully customizable colors in the file panels
Built-in Media Player for quick preview of WAV, MID, MP3, AVI, MPG and other supported file formats without any need for opening seperate applications
Very detailed, yet very simple user interface
Full Clipboard support including file name and file path copy
Built-in strong encryption capability for quick file encryption
Very advanced selection mechanism
Detailed directory info display with graph
Inline rename ability
Create new file ability
Command line arguments support
and a lot more...

Homepage :http://www.turbonavigator.com/

DL:http://www.turbonavigator.com/download/ ... 7setup.exe

Es sieht sehr gut aus, Ich werde mal probieren ...


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ist wirklich sehr gut...
leider aber keine Archiv-Integration (Zip, Rar), dann wäre er schon nah am WinCMD ;)

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.. ist im Grunde ein guter Ansatz. Aber ich würde nicht empfehlen den Turbonavigator zu benutzen, da er mir schon oft beim Kopieren oder Bewegen Fehler gemacht hat.
Schade, das er nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird.
Die Domain ist down- wer es trotzdem probieren will:


Rainer Zufall
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turbonavigator.com is for sale
This domain was recently registered at Namecheap.com.
Das war´s wohl :(


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<shredder>Der Startthread ist genial ;-) </shredder>

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Rainer Zufall
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Bild @ caretaker
<shredder>Der Startthread ist genial Wink </shredder>
... einer der ersten Postings
sollte man eigentlich als Negativbeispiel einrahmen Bild


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Oops, das war ich... :oops:

Kurz und prägnant, was wollt ihr mehr? :wink: