Assox 1.0 (Beta 1.1) - Portabler File Association Manager + Extra Plug-Ins

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Assox 1.0 (Beta 1.1) - Portabler File Association Manager + Extra Plug-Ins

Beitrag von @thehop » 21.07.09, 23:56

Assox 1.0 | Beta 1.1 (Anbieter: Rauls - USA)

DD: Mai 2009 (Nov 2009) - 192 KB - Englisch - - Freeware
OS: Windows XP MCE WHS Vista Server 2008 Se7en




VIDEO: ... onstration
PDF: ... edirects=0
HTML: ... edirects=0

Dateizuordnungen verwalten, ändern, speichern, reparieren, wiederherstellen, Backups erstellen.
Assox ist zudem durch kleine PlugIns funktioniell erweiterbar.
Who needs Assox?
- if you use portable software on a USB key or other portable memory device
- if you are a Windows system administrator
- or you are just tired of manually setting file type associations after each new Windows installation
- you will appreciate Assox.

Its primary aim is to create file type associations quickly and easily from a configuration file. It also lets you create shortcuts,
startup items, send-to items, folders, start menu items, and more.

Undo changes in one click
Assox writes into the Windows registry. So what is different from other similar utilities?
The difference is that Assox knows how to cleanly remove what it writes into the registry.

- Portable, no installation needed
- Windows XP support (untested before XP)
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop
- Full command-line operation (silent, no GUI)
- Full undo
- Support absolute and relative program paths for portable applications
- File/folder browsing to fix invalid paths
- Changes can be applied system-wide (all users) or for the current user only
- Set which program runs when clicking a file icon
- Create Internet associations for browser, e-mail, telephony
- Presets for Firefox, Opera, Skype
- Create shortcuts, startup items, send-to items
- Add actions to Explorer right-click menu
- Start hidden or visible programs
- Predefined and user-defined variables ($DESKTOP, $EXEDRIVE, $(MY VAR), etc.)
- Backup affected registry keys
- Automatically undo last configuration (safety run)
- Restricted user support
- Add-on extensions and deployment packages
- Extensive documentation (html, pdf) and examples

Add-ons Add-ons are user-contributed extensions that add new capabilities to Assox...
TIPP: Erwähnenswerte Tools aus der Kategorie Dateierweiterungen Dateizuordnungen (simple bis spezielle) : Desktop Tool
Do you have files on your computer that you don't know how to open?
If so, you need the Desktop Tool!

PEM (Jon) ... magic.html
Portable Extension Manager is able to handle file associations without writing any data
to the system's registry, making it possible to defaultly open files with programs on a flash drive. ... more-13777

Portable CAFE (Yann Perrin)
C.A.F.E. lets you launch files with portable software without touching Windows Registry

FileTypesMan (Nir Sofer)
File Types Manager for easy edit the properties and flags of each file type,
as well as it allows you to add, edit, and remove actions in a file type.

ascBackup (Mad-Monkey) ... 00,infoasc,
Backup and Restore your file associations with this unique utility.

Association Manager (Alexander Peckover) ... ager.shtml
Store and restore sets of file associations (Dec 2000).

XpAssociate (Matthew Allen)
munging XP's registry so that the correct app actually starts when you open a file (May 2004).

CobView (Luis Cobian)
shell context menu extension used to quickly access the properties of the selected files.

extFileCopy (EFB-Suche)
associate a file type (e.g. extension) with a list of directories.

WAssociate (EFB-Suche)
control over double or right clicking a file, context menus, associated commands, icons and descriptions in Windows Explorer

FileAsoc (EFB-Suche) Windows File Association Editor
repair corrupted file associations, such as damage caused by installing and removing software
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Re: Assox 1.0 - Portabler File Association Manager + Extra Plug-Ins

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Assox beta v1.1.0.0 build 2009-09-06
Neuerungen: U.a. teilweise Win 7 Kompatibilität
Change log

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