Natron 2.3.14 Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

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Natron 2.3.14 Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 24.09.14, 20:46


Version: 1.0 RC1
Größe: 61 MB
Lizenz: GNU GPL
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32 bits floating point linear colour processing pipeline.
Colorspace management handled by the famous open-source OpenColorIO library.
Dozens of file formats supported: EXR, DPX,TIFF, JPG, PNG…thanks to OpenImageIO.
Support for many free and open-source OpenFX plugins:
Support for commercial OpenFX plugins: (these are proprietary software and not free)
OpenFX v1.3 supported : almost all features of v1.3 are supported (see Documentation/ofxActionsSupported.rtf and Documentation/ofxPropSupported.rtf in the source distribution)
Intuitive user interface: Natron aims not to break habits by providing an intuitive and familiar user interface. It is possible to separate on any number of screens the graphical user interface.
Performances: Never wait for anything to be rendered, in Natron anything you do produces real-time feedback thanks to its optimised multi-threaded rendering pipeline and its support for proxy rendering (i.e: the render pipeline can be computed at lower res to speed-up rendering).
Multi-task: Natron can render multiple graphs at the same time, it can also be used as a background process in command-line mode without any display support (e.g: for render farm purpose).
Recover easily from bugs: Natron sometimes crashes. Fear not, an auto-save system detects inactivity and saves your work for yourself. Also Natron provides the option to render a graph in a separate process, meaning that any crash in the main application would not crash the ongoing render (and the other way around).
Project format written in XML and easily editable by human.
Fast & interactive Viewer – Smooth & accurate zooming/panning even for very large image sizes (tested on 27k x 30k images).
Real-time playback: Natron offers a real-time playback with best performances thanks to its RAM/Disk cache technology. Once a frame is rendered, it can be reproduced instantly afterwards, even for large image sizes.
Low hardware requirements: All you need is an x86 64 bits or 32 bits processor, at least 3 GB of RAM and a graphic card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL 1.5 with some extensions.
Animate your visual effects: Natron offers a simple and efficient way to deal with keyframes with a very accurate and intuitive curve editor.
Command line tool for execution of project files. The command line version is executable from ssh on a computer without any display. Hence it is possible to use a render farm to render Natron’s projects.
In the near future we will implement python bindings so that Natron can be scriptable and used only from the command line.
Multi-view workflow: Natron saves time by keeping all the views in the same stream. You can separate the views at any time with the SplitViews node. Note that currently Natron does not allow to split the nodes settings for each view, this will be implemented in the future.
Rotoscoping: Edit your masks and animate them to work with complex shots
Natron ist ein mächtiges Werkzeug zur Videonachbearbeitung und versteht sich als OpenSource-Alternative zu Produkten wie Nuke, Avid und co.
Läuft ab Vista, eine portable Version zum Testen ist erschienen. Natron ist in aktiver Entwicklung, mit häufigen Updates ist zu rechnen. Eine halbwegs moderne Maschine sollte man haben, 3 GB RAM ist das Minimum, 8 GB ist empfohlen - natürlich für die 64bit-Version.
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Re: Natron 1.0 RC1 - Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 23.12.14, 16:29

Version 1.0 final ist raus
New features include:
Transform effects (such as Transform, CornerPin, Dot, Switch) now concatenate: the filtering is now only applied by the “bottom” node of the transform chain
The font of the application and its size are now customizable in the preferences
Caching behavior has been modified, making the software much faster
New HSVTool node to adjust hue, saturation and brightness, or perform color replacement.
New HSVToRGB & RGBToHSV nodes to convert between these 2 color-spaces
New Saturation node to modify the color saturation of an image
New DiskCache node – allows to cache a branch of the compositing tree to re-use it later on without re-computing the images
When zooming out of the node-graph, all texts on nodes / arrows will be hidden to increase performances when handling huge compositions
Tracker: all tracks are now multi-threaded for better performance
Roto: Selected points can now be dragged from everywhere within the bounding box instead of only the cross-hair
Roto: It is now possible to move a bezier just by dragging a part of the curve where there is no control point
Roto: Holding shift while dragging a scale handle of the bounding box will now scale only the half of the shape on the side of the handle
Improved parameters alignment and spacing in the settings panel
A new tab in the preferences is now dedicated to plugins’ management – you can now choose to enable/disable plugins
A new Auto-turbo setting has been added: when enabled, the Turbo-mode (originally toggleable with the button on the right of the media player) will be enabled/disabled automatically when playback is started/finished.
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Re: Natron 1.10 final - Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von hylli » 23.04.15, 8:37

Zwischenzeitlich bei Version 1.2.1 v. 20.02.2015



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Re: Natron 2.0 - Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 07.07.16, 17:25

Version 2.1 mit integriertem Blender-Tracker:
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Re: Natron 2.1 - Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 20.01.17, 16:22

Natron 2.2
@devernay devernay released this 2 days ago · 8 commits to RB-2.2 since this release

OpenGL rendering is enabled by default for interactive editing in plugins that support it (but still disabled for background rendering)
Roto & RotoPaint: ellipses and circles are more accurate #1524
When a plugin is not available with the right major version, use the smallest major version above for better compatibility (before that change, the highest major version was returned)
Natron can now be launched in 32-bits mode on macOS
Documentation is now licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and external contributions are welcome
Organize nodes documentation
New project formats: HD_720, UHD_4K, 2K_DCP, 4K_DCP
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Re: Natron 2.2.8 Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 09.07.17, 16:51

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Re: Natron 2.3.0 Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von Gordon » 08.03.18, 18:28

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Re: Natron 2.3.6 Video-Compositing (crossplattform)

Beitrag von klodeckel » 28.06.18, 6:44


Fix default value for file premult in ReadSVG (should be premultiplied).
HSV values in the viewer info lines are now computed from linear RGB #286.
RGBToHSV, HSVToRGB, RGBToHSL, HSLToRGB, RGBToHSI, HSIToRGB: Use linear RGB values in computation #286.
Tracker: fix bug where Transform tracking was wrong when using more than 1 point #289.
Ein häufiger Fehler den Leute machen, wenn sie etwas völlig Narrensicheres erfinden wollen, ist den Einfallsreichtum kompletter Narren zu unterschätzen.