Playnite v. 10.12 - zentrale Spielebibliothek, ein Programm um sie alle zu knechten

Explorer-Ersatz, Medien-Kataloge, Dateien-Umbenenner, usw.

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Re: Playnite v. 10.9 - zentrale Spielebibliothek, ein Programm um sie alle zu knechten

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v. 10.12 - heiler
Option to indicate number of days played in game time played format (by darklinkpower)
Support to display total install size in statistics view (by darklinkpower)
Option to change filter preset sort order in library manager (by darklinkpower)
Add support to display game Added Date in game details (by darklinkpower)
Option to switch to Fullscreen mode from taskbar jump list (by Rioluuu)
Per game option to activate system HDR when a game launches (by lscholte)
Option to hide already imported games on folder scan dialog
Added support for playnite://playnite/search URI to open global search
Option to choose tracking mode for emulators
Option to control whether related ROM files should be merged during emulation scan
Backup configurations now support additional OutputDir variable to set target backup folder instead of just OutputFile
Fuzzy matching support in name filter
Option to show assigned ROMs on List view
Option to minimize Fullscreen mode from main menu