Film9 v. 2.03 - Filme restaurieren

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Film9 v. 2.03 - Filme restaurieren

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Version: 2.03
Größe: 40 MB
Lizenz: Freeware

In this software, you can identify different projects, with different initial parameters, as

- The destination directory of the processed films
- Capture mode used
- The type of film (film or tape)
- The output codec
- If the film is sound


Specific windows are available for each type of settings.

Among these settings, you can:
- Cut a sequence (Trim)
- Make a color optimization
- Improving the Sharpness
- Remove or Add Grain
- Remove Tasks and Stripes
- Adjust Volume and Tone Audio


If your film is sound, it is possible to adjust the Volume and Tone.
You can also choose the audio channel and make a stereo mix if the original audio is mono.
And of course, a full synchronization of the Video and Audio is performed on the final process.

Mit Film9 kann man seine alten Filme nachbearbeiten und restaurieren. Dazu gehören Schneiden, Farbanpassung, Schärfen, Tonanpassung, Synchronisation und mehr.
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