Orinj 3.03 -multitrack recording and mixing

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Orinj 3.03 -multitrack recording and mixing

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Version: 3.03
HP: https://www.recordingblogs.com/orinj
Lizenz: Freeware, gegen Lizenzierung gibt es Extrafeatures
Orinj is a multitrack recording and mixing software with wave and MIDI editing.

Record audio tracks and mix them into a complete product with full control over the mixing process - an easily accessible mixing console with volume, pan, dry, and wet mix envelopes, and effects.
Add modifiable effects: delays, echoes, choruses, bass choruses, reverbs, compressors / expanders, limiters, noise gates, pitch shifting, stretching, graphic and parametric equalizers, notch filters.
Apply effects and envelopes non-destructively during runtime or process them.
Examine, cut, duplicate, loop, and move with precise snap positioning.
Enjoy a number of pre-created blues, pop, rock, and heavy metal drum loops.
Build drum loops from a complete set of available drum samples with simple point-click operations and upload additional drum samples for use in your drum loops.
Edit single track MIDI files to enjoy the over 100 available MIDI instruments.
Record MIDI files into audio waves and use them in your multitrack session.
Edit single wave files to better master your song
Orinj ist eine Audiobearbeitungssoftware zum Aufnehmen und Mixen. Gegen einen kleinen Obolus gibt es kleinere Extrafeatures, die aber für den Heimgebrauch eher selten von Interesse sind, ansonsten läuft das Teil auch unlizensiert.