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PDF Compressor 2019 - PDF-Größe optimieren

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PDF Compressor 2019

HP: https://pdf.compressor.software/
Größe: 5 MB
Lizenz: Freeware für private Nutzung
The key features of our advanced PDF Compressor are:

PDF Compression Engine implements the most advanced PDF/image compression algorithms (including JPEG2000 and JBIG2) to create resulting PDF files with the highest quality/file size ratio.
PDF Compression Engine implements the automatic selection of the most efficient lossless data compression algorithm for each data object to produce the smallest resulting file as possible.
Command-line mode for automation and/or scheduling your PDF compression tasks. Use it on a server as well as on PCs.
Visual graphics to preview compression results let you see the resulting file size and its changes depending on set compression options.

Profiles considerably improve the processing of multiple PDFs the same way. A profile contains the set of compression options. You can create, save, and apply named profiles.

Batch compressing mode lets you easily process multiple PDF files. You can set renaming and other options to process a selected group of files.

Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface. "Under the hood" of very simple and clean user's interface is hidden a very complex compression engine.
Hauptzweck dieses Tools ist die Größenoptimierung von PDF durch Kompression. Daneben kann man Bilder per Import in PDF umwandeln und mehrere PDF-Dateien verknüpfen.
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