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AudioMuxer -> Multiformat Audio Converter, Audio-only DVD-V (DAD) Maker

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AudioMuxer (c) 2009-2017 Pl4yit (SBU Wiki Team) @ USA

DD: 09/2017 - Englisch - 11,5 MB (.EXE) - Inno Setup - Freeware
OS: Windows XP bis 10 mit .NET 4

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AudioMuxer functionality

# AudioMuxer can generate a DVD, MPG or MKV files from MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3, TrueHD, AAC or ALAC audio tracks.
# MKV files can be exported to AVCHD or Blu-ray, and an ISO file can be created from the DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray structure.
# Audio tracks can be split with a CUE sheet and images can be selected that will be shown during playback. These images can be encoded in a NTSC/PAL or HD 720p/1080p video format.
# A toolbox is available to convert MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, Wave64, WavPack, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3, TrueHD, MLP audio files to AC3, DTS, DTSWav, DTS-HD, AAC, ALAC, LPCM/Mono-wav or Flac files.
# Up- and downsampling is available as well as down- and upmixing. For the latter SpecWeb (hosted as well on this forum) will be used.
# There is also the possibility to read a playlist file from a non-encrypted Blu-ray or DVD-Video and to extract the (HD) audio from it.
# An option to join Wav/Flac files is available.
# An option to merge mono-channel wav/flac files to multi-channel wav or flac.
# An option to convert AC3/DTS files to SPDIF Wav/Flac (useful for streaming audio from PC over SPDIF connection and for tagging AC3/DTS files).
# And an option to change the volume of Wav/Flac files.



SpecWeb is a command line (windows console) version of the SPEC stereo to surround tool from
It is designed to be faster and easier to use than the full “Spec” version, and does not require Plogue Bidule.
SpecWeb also has an html5 “web” user interface, which works with chrome, firefox, iOS, android, and windows 10 edge browsers. You can control SpecWeb from a browser on the same computer or on any computer or supported device on your local network. For instance, you could sit in your home theatre listening position and control SpecWeb with an iPad. Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^