OT1 Font Manager v.7 - Fonts ansehen, (de)installieren ...

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OT1 Font Manager v.7 - Fonts ansehen, (de)installieren ...

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OT1 Font Manager

Version: 7
HP: https://www.jmberthier.com/en/ot1manager.html
Lizenz: Freeware
Main Features

Font Management
View fonts, be installed or not
(OpenType / TrueType, including TrueType Collection / Type 1)
Install/uninstall fonts
A database lets you classifiy your fonts in groups and subgroups
(manually or by using predefined automated classifications)
View customized samples
Print samples in different layouts
(in lists or individual size scaling sheets)

Font Installation Checks
Report install errors and mapped fonts
(using color codes)

Font File Management
Preview fonts files
(folders with fonts are in bold face)
Favorite folders for quick access
Search for font name or family name, partial or full name
(filter helps finding specific character codes, Unicode ranges)
Search devices for scattered font files
Import/Export fonts, copy/move/delete font files
Font Census checks for duplicates font files, name conflicts, invalid fonts

Follows OpenType 1.8 specifications
(shows fonts with variations file format - p.e. Bahnschrift)
Character Map
Runs at user level or as administrator
(compatible with Windows 10 new font installation mode at user level introduced in October 2018 Update)
OT1 Font Manager ist ein Schriftenmanager für 64bit-Betriebssysteme, der die meisten Userbedürfnisse in dieser Richtung abdecken sollte.
Freude ist nur ein Mangel an Information.