Cantabile lite - VST host for live performing stage musicians

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Cantabile lite - VST host for live performing stage musicians

Beitrag von David » 08.10.19, 15:57

Musiker, die das auf IOS laufende mainstage kennen, finden hier eine passable Alternative für windows.
Die kostenfreie Lite-Version bietet:
Powerful VST Host - lets you load thousands of different VST 2 instruments and effects and play them in real-time.
Integrated Metronome - works like a normal metronome for practice but also provides timing information to plugins so they can synchronize correctly.
Multi-core CPU Support - processes plugins in parallel to get the best performance out of your PC.
Touch Friendly UI - works on Microsoft Surface and other touch screen capable devices.
Morph and Randomize - tools for designing new sound presets.
Multi-Channel Audio - unlike other lightweight VST hosts, Cantabile isn't limited to stereo audio. Create as many ports and channels as you need.
x64 & x86 Editions - both platforms are supported and built in support for jBridge if you have it installed.
Besprechung der Vollversion: ... abile.html

Zum Ausprobieren schon eine ganze Menge. Have fun!