ExImager Project 0.9 - SD/USB Backups

Programme, um Daten zu sichern und gelöschte Daten wiederherzustellen

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ExImager Project 0.9 - SD/USB Backups

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mit ExImager Project ist es einfach möglich Backups von SD-Karten zum machen
Als portable und install-version verfügbar.
ExImager Project is a very light software which allows to make backups of perfect size of SD / USB, it is able to make backups of OS in only a few minutes (for larger OS), compared to Win32DiskImager (and other ) which take 30 minutes to make an OS backup (of 2GB) while ExImager Project takes only about 3 minutes and is exactly the same size as the OS which was written, ExImager can also make compressed backups with an example (.ZIP - .GZ - .TGZ). And it also has a very fast OS writing functionality, and there is also the possibility to choose whether we want to create MBR partitions on the device or not. There is also a functionality to delete MBR partitions to renisialize devices, and more ...

Make perfect OS backup.
Write a OS.
Eject device button.
Backup file compression (.ZIP - .GZ - .TGZ).
Display All Drives.
Use MBR partitions size
Remove MBR button.
Download und Screenshot bei sourceforge