ProgramEdit 4.9.5 - ASCII source Editor

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ProgramEdit 4.9.5 - ASCII source Editor

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ProgramEdit (oder auch PgmEdit) ist ein weiterer Freeware Editor mit netten Features:

» Drag-Drop file loading and text editing
» Hundreds of files open at a time
» Tabbed and sorted-list file selection
» Find, Find All, Replace, Replace All
» Regular Expressions
» Bracket/brace matching
» Column Editing
» Customization - Colors, fonts, tabs, margins, shortcuts
» Color syntax highlighting
» Support for many popular languages:
C/C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python,Ruby, SQL, VB, VBScript, VHDL, XML, and Batch files.
Other languages easily added - New
» Unlimited Sessions (Projects)
» Up to 15 global Bookmarks per Session
» Hexadecimal file viewer
» HTML/XML Tidy checking
» Hyperlinks - file, folder, web URL
» Line Change indicators
» Line sorting
» Macros - keystroke recording and playback
» Multiple Undo/Redo
» See PgmEdit Help Files for additional features and details

Ein paar Screenshots zeigen mehr als tausend Worte
Download, auch portable hier