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Csv File Search 3.0 - Vereinfacht das Handling mit CSV-Dateien Multiplattform

Verfasst: 28.12.21, 20:16
von chriss
CsvFileSearch 3.0 is a simple search utility that provides an easy way to search the contents of multiple csv files. It will scan a specific folder (and sub folders) for csv files, and all csv files found will be searched.

It is easy to use for the novice and also flexible enough for the advanced user.

The search results are displayed as tables. Results from each file are separated into blocks with source location and column titles.

The csv files may be of mixed types. They may have any number of columns and different column titles. They can be comma, semicolon or tab separated. The column titles found on the first row of the searched file are used as the headings for the search result block.

There is no need to install CsvFileSearch. Just unzip it and run it. It will run without installation.

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux