tightVNC 2.8.11 - remotecontrol

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tightVNC 2.8.11 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von RIP » 13.07.02, 13:40

(tipp aus dem ccb )

home: http://www.tightvnc.com/index.html
dl: http://telia.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcef ... -setup.exe ( ca. 700 kb )
remotedesktopkontrolle , klein und schneller als das original vnc mit einigen extras ( wahlweise auch mit java-viewer ! )
TightVNC Features
* Local cursor handling. Cursor movements do not generate screen updates any more, remote cursor movements are processed locally by the viewer, so you do not see remote cursor pointer moving too slow behind the local cursor.
* Efficient compression algorithms. New Tight encoding is optimized for slow and medium-speed connections and thus generates much less traffic as compared to traditional VNC encodings. At the same time, TightVNC supports all the standard VNC encodings, so it can be easily configured to operate efficiently in fast network environments too.
* Configurable compression levels. You can choose any appropriate level of compromise between compression ratios and coding speed, depending on the your connection speed and processor power.
* Optional JPEG compression. If you don't care too much about perfect image quality, you can enable JPEG coder which would compress color-rich screen areas much more efficiently (and image quality level is configurable too).
* Web browser access. TightVNC includes greatly improved Java viewer with full support for Tight encoding, local cursor feature, 24-bit color mode, and more. The Java viewer applet can be accessed via built-in HTTP server like in the standard VNC.
* Operating under Unix and Windows. All new features listed above are available in both Unix and Win32 versions of TightVNC.
* Advanced Properties dialog in WinVNC. Unlike the standard VNC, TightVNC gives you a possibility to set a number of advanced settings directly from the WinVNC GUI, and to apply changed settings immediately. There is no need to launch regedit to set query options, connection priority, to allow loopback connections, disable HTTP server etc.
* Automatic SSH tunneling on Unix. Unix version of TightVNC viewer can tunnel connections via SSH automatically using local SSH or OpenSSH client installation.
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Beitrag von Freewilli » 12.08.03, 22:36

aktuell: TightVNC 1.2.9

download: http://flow.dl.sourceforge.net/sourcefo ... -setup.exe
- Win32 version: Major security-related bug in the server has been fixed -- handling of the "QueryAllowNoPass" option was seriously broken. Together with fixing this bug, the whole authentication logic in the server code has been redesigned.
- Win32 version: Now the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive is being closed properly on restoring display settings, on disconnect. This change should solve the problem with unloading the registry on logout, when WinVNC is running as a service.
- Win32 version: Problems with "QuerySetting" and "QueryTimeout" options have been fixed -- the settings could be copied from user configuration to default settings without user's intention.
- Win32 version: A long-standing bug has been fixed -- the logic to handle retries after authentication failures was flawed, and used to delete the same object twice under certain conditions.
- Win32 version: Now it's possible to specify port numbers with the winvnc -connect option, using the "host::port" format. Also, providing a -connect option without arguments now brings up the "Add New Client" dialog.
- Unix version: New "Request refresh" button has been implemented in the viewer's F8 popup menu.
- Unix version: Xvnc compilation fixes for HP-UX and MacOS X have been applied, from Ki NETWORKS, Inc.
- Unix version: New vncpasswd -f command-line option has been implemented. It allows providing passwords on stdin and writes encrypted passwords to stdout. In addition, the password file name "-" now denotes stdout. Finally, a buffer overflow has been fixed in vncpasswd -- it could be caused by a long file name in the command line.
- Unix version: A patch to fix input focus problems in the X11 viewer has been applied, from Greg Breland.
- Unix version: A patch fixing Xvnc crashes on Sparc has been applied, from the RealVNC distribution.
- Unix version: A problem with incorrect port interpretation has been fixed, in the vncviewer's -tunnel option handling. Thanks to Clark Sessions.
- Java viewer: A modification from Bernd Krueger-Knauber has been accepted, to pass through X keysyms for foreign currencies.
- Java viewer: The problem with initial keyboard focus not set to the desktop on some JVMs has been fixed.
- Other minor improvements and bugfixes.

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Beitrag von sastopeit » 25.07.06, 12:36

TightVNC 1.3dev7
Development versions include more features but may be unstable, so they're not intended for production use. However, current Win32 development version, 1.3dev7, is a Release Candidate and it will become next stable version with no major changes. It features enhanced user interface, built-in file transfers, single-window sharing on the server side, and a greatly improved viewer.
Please note that under Windows, the development version installs itself separately from stable TightVNC releases.
- Fixed the problem with "olemainthreadwndname not responding" in service mode under Windows NT 4.0. Under that OS, the TightVNC service could hang on logoff.
- Removed the code for "desktop optimizations" that was rather harmful than useful. Hopefully, this should fix problems with crashing Delphi application. Also this should prevent settings like font smoothing always set to true on disconnect.
- Fixed the issue with port number edit boxes that were labeled incorrectly in the Properties dialog.
- Disallowing clipboard transfers in view-only mode.
- Fixed the problem with carriage return/linefeed conversion of clipboard data.
- Fixed the problem with wallpaper being removed only after completing the initial screen transmission.
- Minor improvements in the File Transfers dialog.
- More context help messages in Properties and File Transfers dialogs.
- Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the distribution for more details.

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Beitrag von eyebex » 08.05.07, 18:33

TightVNC 1.39 Final ist da, mit vielen Änderungen speziell unter Windows, deshalb hier nur eine grobe Übersicht:
# file transfers,
# improved server performance with mirror video driver,
# improved user interface,
# support for the latest version of the protocol,
# and much more
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/vnc-ti ... -setup.exe
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Beitrag von bollino » 10.07.09, 22:21


[Mar 05, 2009] TightVNC 1.3.10 is available for download. This version fixes various bugs, includes a number of impovements and introduces a version of TightVNC for U3 flash drives ....

PS: CL -> http://www.tightvnc.com/release-1.3.10.php#new

Windows Vista Compatibility

Unfortunately, TightVNC Server 1.3.10 still cannot be used as a system service in Windows Vista. This problem cannot be solved without major architectural changes in TightVNC Server code. This will be addressed in TightVNC 1.4 series (there is more information on TightVNC 1.4 development below in this document).

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Beitrag von hambaba » 23.02.10, 21:59

TightVNC 2.0 beta 1 (23.02.2010)
This Beta version delivers completely new TightVNC Server for Windows. It was redesigned and reimplemented from scratch. It features new component-based architecture which is perfectly compatible with the latest operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R2. Older versions of Windows are supported as well – the minimum requirement is Windows 2000.

The final release of TightVNC 2.0 for Windows is scheduled to April, 2010. There will be minimum changes between this Beta version and the final release – ideally, that should be bugfixes only.

Note: Beta versions of TightVNC 2.0 do not include components for Unix/Linux. These components will be worked on once TightVNC 2.0 for Windows goes out from Beta stage.
announcement: http://www.tightvnc.com/announce-2.0beta1.php
download: http://www.tightvnc.com/download-beta.php

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Beitrag von hambaba » 09.04.10, 15:05

TightVNC 2.0 beta 2 (08.04.2010)

changelog: siehe announcement

announcement: http://www.tightvnc.com/announce-2.0beta2.php
download: http://www.tightvnc.com/download-beta.php

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Re: tightVNC stable v1.3.9 / 2.0b2 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von hambaba » 02.07.10, 10:11

TightVNC 2.0 (01.07.2010)
New major version delivers completely new TightVNC Server for Windows. It was redesigned and reimplemented from scratch. It features new component-based architecture which is perfectly compatible with the latest operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R2. Older versions of Windows are supported as well – the minimum requirement is Windows 2000.

TightVNC 2.0 is available for Windows only. It does not include components for Unix/Linux yet. These components will be worked on in the future. In the mean time, please use TightVNC 1.3.x under Unix/Linux systems. Also, TightVNC Java Viewer should work on any platform.

- Introducing new file transfer subsystem based on new protocol extensions.
- Implemented new server architecture which separates service code from the user interface. This enables service-mode operation under Windows Vista and Windows 7. Also, this fixes all known problems with multi-user features of modern Windows systems like Fast User Switching and Terminal Services.
- Screen updates have become reliable.
- Featuring new secure administrative interface.
- There should be no more confusion between "default settings" and "user settings". In TightVNC 2.0, there is only one service-mode configuration and it is not affected by any per-user settings.
- Featuring IP-based access control for incoming connections.
- Keyboard handling has been improved.
changelog: http://www.tightvnc.com/release-2.0.php
download: http://www.tightvnc.com/download.php

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Re: tightVNC 2.0 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von McStarfighter » 02.07.10, 15:16

Juchhu, endlich. Vielen Dank für diese Nachricht.

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Re: tightVNC 2.0 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von paraflyer » 19.09.10, 10:05

TightVNC 2.0.2

TightVNC 2.0.2
* Server for Windows: The server could work incorrectly or even crash when font size adjustment or DPI scaling feature was used. New version should be fully compatible with Windows desktop scaling. This fix was developed for TightVNC 2.0.1 but was not included in that version due to a packaging problem.
* Server and Viewer for Windows: More fixes have been made to solve problems with clipboard transfers. Both server and viewer could send question characters instead of non-ASCII symbols if current input language did not match the text encoding. These fixes complement related changes introduced in version 2.0.1.

TightVNC 2.0.1
* Server for Windows: The server could work incorrectly or even crash when font size adjustment or DPI scaling feature was used. New version should be fully compatible with Windows desktop scaling. [UPDATE: Due to a packaging problem this fix was not included in version 2.0.1.]
* Server for Windows: Fixed log file rotation. After creating five backup copies, it failed to rename old files and just overwrote the most recent log file.
* Viewer for Windows: Server-to-client clipboard transfers have been fixed. Characters beyond the basic ASCII set could be copied into the local clipboard incorrectly.

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Re: tightVNC 2.02 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von Jean » 31.10.12, 23:35

ist inzwischen bei v. 2.6, u.a. mit
- built-in SSH tunneling and maintaining connection history in TightVNC Java Viewer,
- improved performance of TightVNC Viewer for Windows,
- a host of essential fixes in TightVNC Server and Viewer for Windows.


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Re: tightVNC 2.6 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von Jean » 26.04.13, 23:36

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Re: tightVNC 2.7.1 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von bollino » 26.03.14, 21:33

TightVNC Remote Desktop Version 2.7.10
(July 24, 2013)

What's new:
TightVNC 2.7.7
Server for Windows

Fixed a bug with multi-monitor configurations running on Windows 8. The main display can be safely set to any monitor in a row or column.

On Windows 8, data is no longer corrupted when the screen resolution is not divided by four (native resolution for some laptops).

No more issues on the Server side when a zero compression level is set in the Viewer settings (Options > Set custom compression level > level: 0).

Fixed incompatibility with older versions of TightVNC Viewer (1.3.10).

Viewer for Windows

Fixed a keyboard bug: it stopped working after a file transfer window is opened.

TightVNC 2.7.3
Server for Windows

Improved performance when the remote desktop is shown in its original size. Moreover, the image quality is now improved in case pixel-size checkerboard patterns are used.

Fixed an issue on connection to a server from a built-in remote desktop client on Mac.

You can safely change screen properties (resolution, etc.) on the server running on Windows.

No more bad desktop size issues if the server is running on Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows Server 2008 (SP1) while there are no drivers installed. A server can be run on a virtual machine as well.

Added more verbose logging (when a logging level is set to 9).

Optimized Tight encoding to work faster.

Increased speed of ZRLE encoding up to 25%.

Java Viewer

Fixed a compatibility issue with non-TightVNC servers (Mac remote desktop, UltraVNC) when ZRLE encoding is used.

Optimized memory usage when Tight or ZRLE encoding is used.

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Re: tightVNC 2.7.10 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von Gordon » 08.07.16, 19:26

Empörung ist die Würde des Idioten.

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Re: tightVNC 2.8.2 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von Gordon » 07.04.17, 16:46

TightVNC for Windows 2.8.8 Released

The newest TightVNC fixes just a few problems, but the bugfixes include important ones. Version 2.8.8 is a recommended update for all TightVNC users.
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Re: tightVNC 2.8.8 - remotecontrol

Beitrag von klodeckel » 25.05.18, 19:19

TightVNC ...v2.8.11

Server for Windows: Implemented performance improvements that may notably increase update speed and optimize CPU usage.
Viewer for Windows: Fixed a problem that might cause the viewer to continue sending keyboard events even after minimizing a full-screen window (sf bug #1433).
Viewer for Windows: Fixed an incorrect calculation in keyboard handling, which unlikely caused any problems though (sf bug #1422).
Source Code for Windows (Server and Viewer): Migrated to Visual Studio 2015 and MSBuild tool set as the primary build environment.
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