Stickies 10.0a : Postits auf dem Desktop

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Re: Stickies 9.0c : Postits auf dem Desktop

Beitrag von jasonliul » 04.01.17, 10:44

Pressing shift-delete in a text sticky cuts the current line of text
Over-verbose OnManage log file entry removed
Converting to an image sticky with a non-default layout current in the skin, now sets correct edge widths
Setting a data directory which doesn't exist now throws an error and closes Stickies, rather than crashing
Opening the Manage dialog with the Home tab selected, clicking Stored, clicking a note, no longer show Home in the background
Crash fixed when sending an image sticky using MAPI email
Crash fixed when booking out friends for editing from a Stickies Server
Possibility of overwriting text content when a Desktop sticky loses focus, when same note was selected in Manage preview, now fixed
Notes with autowidth enabled, which are rolled up at launch, with an alternate position now save and load details correctly
Supported skin version set correctly, so that "This skin might not work correctly" messages no longer appear
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Re: Stickies 9.0d : Postits auf dem Desktop

Beitrag von bollino » 29.12.19, 0:15

Version 10.0a - 19th December 2019 - ist raus.

recht umfangreiches changelog: