POP Peeper 4.5.2 (E-Mail-Checker für POP3 + Webmailer)

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Re: POP Peeper 4.5 (E-Mail-Checker für POP3 + Webmailer)

Beitrag von Boogie » 30.05.18, 9:25

Version 4.5.1
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Re: POP Peeper 4.5.2 (E-Mail-Checker für POP3 + Webmailer)

Beitrag von klodeckel » 11.09.18, 5:44

v4.5.2 - Sep 7, 2018

- Fix: Hostname matching (aka SNI) is now enabled by default; this improves security and is required by Avast/AVG for Gmail; this may cause some email accounts that are not configured correctly (as specified by the email provider) to error; this potential error condition will only affect email hosted on personal domains (see: https://www.esumsoft.com/products/pop-p ... memismatch)
- Fix: Multiple accounts simultaneously accessing a server which requires cacert-full.pem may error on the first attempt, but would succeed on the subsequent check
- Fix: Certain emails may load slow the first time (e.g. NewEggFlash)
- Fix: Attempting to use Gmail OAuth2 when the email address contains "success" would cause the window to close immediately
- Fix: Attachments with a semicolon in the filename would get cut off at the semicolon
- Changed files (from v4.5.1): POPPeeper.exe, Imap.dll, Smtp.dll, PPtweaker.dll
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