Console2 beta 148 /ConsoleZ 1.18.1 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

alles was zur Leistungssteigerung beiträgt, z.B. Tweak-UI, Defrag etc.

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Console2 beta 148 /ConsoleZ 1.18.1 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

Beitrag von Gordon » 29.09.04, 16:19


Version: 1.5b
Grösse: 500 kB
Downloadlink: ... p?download
Standalone: ja
Console is a Win console window enhancement. It was inspired by eConsole ( Console features include configurable font, color, size, background image and transparency (on Win2000 and later)
Wenn man schon mit der Konsolenfunktion arbeitet, sollte es ja trotzdem schön aussehen :) Console macht es möglich ... Auf Wunsch klinkt sich das Teil ins Kontextmenü ein.
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Beitrag von madhatter » 09.04.06, 0:49

Inzwiches sind Demos von der 2. Version zu erhalten,
scheinen mir aber schon sehr ausgereift (konnte bei eher kurzen Tests keine Bugs feststellen).
Die neue Version hat Tabs, und ein insgesamt freundlicheres Interface.
Außerdem kann man jetzt die Fenstergröße verändern und die Hotkeys selber einstellen.

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Beitrag von Stevie » 06.04.07, 5:36

Console 2.00 Beta, build 130 vom 16.03.2007

Download: ...

- fixed a disappearing selection while scrolling bug
- fixed a scrolling upwards while selecting text bug
- Console handles wallpaper changes now
- fixed a small background color problem
- added support for environment variables in config file name, shell command
line, startup directory, icons and background images
- [internal] wallpaper changes, non-relative background image resizing and tab
switching should be thread safe now
- mouse cursor is changed to 'text select' cursor while selecting
- added drop down menu to 'new tab' toolbar button
- [internal] an attempt to fix freezing when copying/pasting while a command
is running

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 14.05.07, 9:05

aktuell: v2.0 Beta build 131 (09-May-2007)
dl: ... p_id=43764
changelog hat geschrieben:
  • [internal] fixed a problem with runas and local settings
  • added 'clear selection on copy' option
  • added customizable newline character for mulitline copy
  • added font smoothing settings
  • [internal] Console now checks that saved window position is inside desktop
  • 'Dump screen buffer' command now dumps visible text to C:\console.dump
  • added -w command line option for setting main window title; it overrides all other main window title settings (e.g. 'use tab titles' setting)
  • for blinking cursors, blinking rates are now proporional to caret blinking rate set in Control Panel
  • added 'clear selection' commands to menu and hotkeys; mouse 'copy' command description is now 'Copy/clear selection'

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Beitrag von kaib » 15.10.07, 11:14

Neuer Build Console 2.00 Beta, build 132
- fixed a problem with ClearType artifacts
- (internal) attempt to fix new tab's initial painting problems
- fixed 'disappear when dragged' bug for multiple monitors
- font dialog now shows only fixed-pitch fonts (thanks to Anduin Withers for the patch)
- (internal) fixed a critical lock deadlock causing problems on Vista
- (FR#1718013) middle click on an empty place on a tab bar will open a new default tab
- (FR#1725807) inactive tabs will flash three times if there is activity

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 09.11.07, 10:19

aktuell: v2.0 Beta build 133 (29-Oct-2007)
dl: ... p_id=43764
changelog hat geschrieben:Console v2.0 Beta build 133 (29-Oct-2007)
  • fixed a problem with long lines being wrapped when they shouldn't
  • fixed a problem (workaround) with ALT+SPACE not showing the system menu (thanks to akirill for the patch)
  • added some inactive tab flashing configuration options
  • fixed a screen lock-up on mouse click during fast screen changes
  • mouse messages are discarded when Console window is activated using the mouse - this will prevent things like starting a selection when activating a Console window
  • you can now set selection color
  • attempt at fixing the newline problem

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Beitrag von jpk » 12.04.08, 13:20


aktuelle: v2.0 BETA build139
DL: ... e_id=36333

- [FR#1529565] scrollbars can be hidden now

- [BR#1876652] redone painting a bit, memory usage lower

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Beitrag von Icfu » 08.03.09, 12:31

2.00 Beta Build 142 (2009/01/19)

Holy Frankenfuck! Snakes!

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Rainer Zufall
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Re: Console 1.5 / 2.00 beta 145 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

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Re: Console 1.5 / 2.00 beta 146 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

Beitrag von Gordon » 04.11.10, 17:05

neue Betabuild 147
Build 147

- fixed keyboard switching for Vista/Win7

- fixed visible scrollbars on startup with 'Show scrollbars' option turned off

- added support for flat scrollbars

- added icons in the File->New Tab menu (thanks to chrisz for the patch)

- added an option for using a default program icon in the tab menu

- fixed exit codes

- new inject code (many thanks to Jason Hood, creator of AnsiCon
for the code) The new injection code enables running 32-bit shells from 64-bit Console,
starting .NET console applications (e.g. powershell) directly, it doesn't use CreateRemoteThread,
so Windows patches and antivirus software that disables the call should not cause problems. The
code still hasn't been tested with Vista/Win7 UAC, but it does work for shell processes started
as another user, so we'll have that feature in Console soon as well.

- tabs can now be opened as a different user

- expanded 'trim tab titles' options - you can now show characters at the end of the string

- improved command text resolution for tab titles

- fixed invalid window position after Windows unlock
DL als32- oder 64bit-Variante:
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Re: Console 1.5 / 2.00 beta 147 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

Beitrag von Gordon » 15.02.14, 17:13

Irgendwann 2011 erschien noch Beta 148, seitdem ist Ruhe im Schiff: ... evel/2.00/

Dafür gibt es inzwischen einen aktiv weiterentwickelten Fork namens ConsoleZ:
This is a modified version of Console 2 for a better experience under Windows Vista/7/8 and a better visual rendering.

This fork supports:

Splitting Tabs into views (horizontally and vertically)
Grouping views (so input sent to one goes to all of them)
Windows Vista aero glass theme
Windows 7 jumplist
Windows 7 wallpaper positions and slideshow
Windows 8 wallpapers on dual screen
Zooming with Ctrl-Mouse
Quake style console animation
Strict monospace font rendering
Settable opacity of text background color
Full screen
and more...
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Re: Console2 beta 147 /ConsoleZ 1.10.0 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

Beitrag von Gordon » 09.05.16, 12:22

ConsoleZ ist inzwischen bei Version 1.17, unterstützt Win 10, HighDPI und mehr:
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Re: Console2 beta 148 /ConsoleZ 1.17.0 (Tab-Frontend für cmd.exe)

Beitrag von Gordon » 01.04.17, 16:59

Changes in 1.18.1 (27 Mar 2017)

+ Transparency settings per windowed/full screen mode.
+ Print code page (for each shell) in diagnostic report.
* ALT-SPACE menu.
* "Attach Consoles" failure.
* Split bar size.
* Start a safe console when no console started.
* Standardize hotkeys modifiers and order (mouse).
Changes in 1.18.0 (17 Feb 2017)

! Update tab title current directory in realtime.
! Renaming a tab title to empty is no longer allowed
(empty string is replaced by tab title from settings).
! Backup settings file using a timestamp (unique backup filename).
! Tabbing framework localization.
+ Workspaces.
+ Option to hide the "close tab" button.
+ Split bar size is configurable.
+ Allow merging tabs (horizontally or vertically).
+ Allow view keeping background, colors and cursor
when it moved into another tab.
+ Support for reversed video (swap foreground and background).
+ Allow mouse events forwarding.
+ Show Bing image copyright in status bar.
* GDI leaks (thanks to char101).
* Allow choosing environment variables inheritance method.
* Improve Windows 10 glass transparency.
* PowerShell progress bar is fixed on Windows 10.
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