MadBoot 8.0 -> Boot-Diskette für Installation - Diagnose - Partitionierung - Formatierung etc.

Betriebssysteme und Shell-Erweiterungen (Geoshell etc.)

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MadBoot 8.0 -> Boot-Diskette für Installation - Diagnose - Partitionierung - Formatierung etc.

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Name: MadBoot
Version: 8.0
Grösse: 1,3 MB
Downloadlink: ... tit&lid=75
Lizenz: Free
Standalone? Für Diskette
Features On the MadBoot Boot Disk
Automated + Manual + Customizable Automated Installations for
Windows 95 A, B, & C, 98 & 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0
2000 Server, Professional, & Advanced Server ,
XP Home, Professional & Corporate,
2003 Standard, Enterprise & Web
With Two Clicks Of Your Mouse

Hard Disk Diagnostics
Microsoft's Scandisk
With Three Clicks Of Your Mouse

Automated Hard Drive Partitioning
Symantec's Gdisk
Microsoft's Fdisk
With Three Clicks Of Your Mouse

Automated Hard Drive Formatting Using
Symantec's Gdisk
Microsoft's Format
With Three Clicks Of Your Mouse

Commonly Edited Files
Trouble Shooting for Windows 9X
Editing Install INF files
With Three Clicks Of Your Mouse

Delete Temp Files
Remove All your Temp files,
even the ones Windows won't

LapLink 3 for Dos
for Transfering Files

Microsoft's Scanreg
To scan and possibly fix Win 9x registry problems.

Clear Cmos
For got the Password, Just reset the CMOS and its gone

Multi Language support for

Lowlevel Format function
to remove all of your Data.

NTFS support
MADBOOT uses NTFSDOS to mount
your NTFS drives in "Read only" mode.

Hard drive status
Upon booting into MadBoot, it will list the drives
you have installed, and tell you their size in Megabytes.
New Features in version 8
1.Keyboard Control.
Now with no mouse connected to the computer you can still do everything
with the arrow keys, just move the arrow keys and the button will be
highlighted in yellow, and hit enter to execute.

2. Movable windows.
Just click in the title bar of any window and move where you want it.
the main window is not moveable.

3. The disk is completely removable,
Boot from the disk and remove it from the computer it is no longer
needed, this is great when your coworker borrows your MadBoot disk.

4. MadBoot now uses Emm386
to manage the memory. this leaves enough memory
to load NTFSDOS and the MadBoot menu at the same time.

5. More Options have been added for Registry repair.

6. Support For Windows 2003 Standard / Windows 2003 Enterprise/
Windows 2003 Web. Automated Installs and Manual installs.

7. More error checking.

Auf der Seite sind auch nützliche Info Links zu finden,
z.B. Find Drivers By Name ... file=index

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